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More than 400 inbound and outbound flights cancelled&new cases..


1Shenzhen confirmed 4 new cases imported from overseasAll are Chinese nationals

On June 17, 4 new confirmed cases imported from overseas and 1 asymptomatic infected person were reported in Shenzhen.

The four confirmed cases imported from overseas are all Chinese nationals, and were imported from South Africa (two males), Congo Kinshasa (one male) and Indonesia (one female). After entering the country, they were quarantined and transferred to the emergency ward of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital for observation and treatment, in stable condition.

One asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad was a Chinese male from South Africa. 

2Baoan airport cancelled more than 400 flights

As of 14:25, Shenzhen Bao 'an International Airport has cancelled more than 400 inbound and outbound flights (including early cancellations and today's cancellations)



On June 15, there were 13 new confirmed cases imported from overseas and 12 asymptomatic infected people imported from overseas, all of whom arrived in Shenzhen on flight CA868 from Johannesburg, South Africa, on June 10.

So far, the flight has reported 32 positive cases imported from overseas.

According to statistics, among the 32 imported cases found on the flight, 17 were confirmed and 15 were asymptomatic infected, among which 29 were Chinese nationals and 3 were foreigners.

Air China flight CA868 (Johannesburg to Shenzhen), which entered China on June 10, confirmed 32 cases of COVID-19 passengers. The flight will be suspended for four weeks from today. The flight volume cut off shall not be used for other routes.

The epidemic has not yet ended, everyone must wear a mask, cooperate with the nucleic acid, and you can also make an appointment for COVID-19 vaccine.

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