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Learn Chinese via Music| We're different

Hey! It is Chinese song time again. 

Today we recommend you a very special Chinese song  Were different.

by WeChat)

We're different


Brotherhood lasts many years
Nobody knows you except me
All the roads that we can see
So rough and really not easy

Looking back on how time flies
Flourishing history has just gone by
We are here,fighting the fight
No matter low or high

Without friends,we'll feel,our hearts are so lonely
Hard to find the better person we could be
We believe,tomorrow is no more a secret
Would you mindhold my handlet's chase our dream

We are so different
Everybody has their situation
We are just right here
Waiting for youfriend

We are so different
Everybody makes their own decisions

We all hope we can
Somewhere meet some friends

Welcome to tell us in the comments which Chinese songs you like or want to learn.

good night!

The above contents are provided by Chinese surfing.

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