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JobsSales| USD800 to USD1000 Base Fee+ sales commission


China Lesso Group Holdings Limited

China Lesso (Stock Code: 02128.HK) is a large industrial group of home furnishings and building materials in China. China Lessos business portfolio spans plastic piping, building material and home furnishing, environmental protection, and supply-chain service platform. It offers products such as pipes, plumbing and sanitary ware, integral kitchen materials, integral doors and windows, aluminum alloy formwork and smart scaffolds, water purifiers, water-proofing materials and sealants, fire-fighting equipment, valves, cables, lighting, hygiene materials, items for environmental protection, agricultural facilities, and oceanic aquaculture cages. Its sales revenue has reached RMB 28.073 billion in 2020.

With the rapid development of internationalization and globalization, China Lesso boasts more than 30 advanced production bases distributed in 18 provinces across China, and in some foreign countries. China Lesso remains committed to improving its strategic layout, broadening its sales network and expanding the market. This is how it provides products and services for customers in a timely and efficient way.



Sales in Chile / Uruguay / Panama


Chiles work location: SantiagoConcepcion

Uruguays work location: Montevideo

Panamas work location: Panama City

Salary: USD800 to USD1000 Base Fee+ sales commission+ Subsidy (need sales repayment and invoices )


  1. Junior colleague or above.

  2. 2 to 5 years experiences in Building material sales field.

  3. English speaker or Chinese speaker,please send me the English Resume or Chinese Resume.

  4. Knowledge of relevant computer applications.

Job Description:

  1. Generate and qualify leads, and source and develop client referrals.

  2. Prepare sales action plans and strategies and schedule sales activity.

  3. Plan and conduct direct marketing activities.

  4. Develop and make presentations of company products and services to current and potential clients.

  5. Respond to sales inquiries and concerns by phone, electronically or in person.

  6. Ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships.

  7. Perform quality checks on product and service delivery.

  8. Monitor and report on sales activities and follow up for management.

  9. Carry out market research and surveys.

  10. Monitor competitors, market conditions and product development.


Finance Manager in Indonesia

Chiles work location: Indonesia Semarang 

Number: 1 Person

SalaryRMB 200000 to 250000 every year


  1. 1.Bachelor degree or above and Accounting major.

  2. 2.With over 8 years working experience in Manufacturing and Trade industry and of which with over 2 years serves at Management Level.

  3. 3.With audit experience is preferred.

  4. 4.Holding Qualification Certificate issued by known accounting institution is preferred.

  5. 5.Expertise in SAP is preferred.

  6. 6.Must have excellent ability of data programming and Statistical analysis, good communication and cooperation skill.

  7. 7.Proficient in Cambodian/Indonesian.

  8. 8.Fine English or Chinese speaking and writing skill.

Job Description:

  1. Deal with all accounting and financial problem, including but not limited with daily trade postings and month-end settlement.

  2. Make and analyze monthly, quarter and annual financial and management report.

  3. Prepare monthly and quarter cash flow budget.

  4. Implement financial control and management of daily operation .

  5. Establish and implement accounting policies.

  6. Provide financial analysis to improve productivity, operational efficiency, profitability and other relevant analysis.

  7. Liaise with auditors and handle annual audits.

  8. Responsible for tax filing, statutory filing and other filings required by law.

  9. Implement accounting and ERP system.                                 

  10. Other tasks assigned by management.

  11. Carry out market research and surveys.

  12. Monitor competitors, market conditions and product development.

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