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JobsOverseas Influencer Marketing Officer

Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibility: 1.Responsible for overseas cross-border e-commerce market research and analysis, determine the company's product target user groups and characteristics, and formulate marketing plans; 2.Responsible for the influencer marketing of popular products in overseas markets (YouTube, Ins, etc.), responsible for the exposure and drainage of the promoted product, and increase brand awareness; 3. Evaluate and analyze the cooperation quality of overseas KOL, continue to optimize and improve the effectiveness of KOL cooperation, and develop a good KOL management mechanism; 4. Develop and maintain high-quality KOL resources, accumulate and maintain overseas KOL and agency resources in a planned way.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 1.english native speaker2-5 years of influencer marketing experience; 2. Working Language: English; Native speaker is preference 3. Have a strong interest in overseas social media and overseas influencer marketing, and understand how to play overseas social media; 4. Have flexible market analysis and event planning capabilities, have joint marketing experience in large-scale festivals and consumer events, and have proficient cooperative negotiation/effect optimization skills.

Required Languages


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