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Guide to Visa Application for bNewborn Babies in China

Guide to Visa Application for Newborn Babies  in China

In recent years, many foreigners have chosen to give birth to babies in China, but are not clear on the visa application for newborns.

Without valid visas or permits, the child can't leave China legally. And if the applications weren't submitted within 60 days after the birth date, there will be administrative penalties.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to apply for valid visas for newborns, including cases where both parents are foreign nationals and one of them is of Chinese nationality. 

(Take policies in Shanghai as an example)

A. If both parents are foreigners, applicants can apply for visa or residence permit.

A receipt we got for apply for residence permit for a newborn.

1. Submitting original and copy of both parents passports.

2. Submitting original and copy of infants Birth Certificate in China.

3. Original and copy of infants passport.

(Apply at the local consulate of your country in China)

If you need assistance with getting the passport and application process that follows, please feel free to contact VisaOfChina team, we can accompany and help with preparation in Shanghai.

4. If one of the parents works in Shanghai, he/she should submit an official application letter from the unit he/she works in. (provided by the company)

5. Submitting the Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit Application Form and  2-inches photograph.

6. Marriage certificate of parents. (Certificates issued by foreign authorities must be authenticated by Chinese embassies or consulates abroad)


Application for visa or residence permit should be submittedwithin 60 days after the infant was born.

B. If one of the parents is of Chinese nationality and is citizen of Shanghai,the infant could apply for the PRC Exit and Entry Permit

  • If the child joins Chinese nationality, he/she must register for Hukou normally (at the location of the Chinese parent's Hukou).

  • If the child joins foreign nationality, he/she needs to go through the following procedures.

Except for birth certificate/infants passport/father or mothers foreign passport/marriage certificate/2-inches  photographs mentioned above, the following additional materials are needed.

  • Original and copy of Chinese citizen ID card and Shanghai Household Registry(Hukou) or Shanghai residence permit().

    (If the Chinese parent's Hukou is not in Shanghai and doesn't have residence permit, he/she should apply at the location of the Hukou)

  • Application of Nationality Examination

    Nationality examination and verification must be done before the application. (at the local Eixt-Entry administration bureau


Both parents must be present for the application.

If exit-entry administration requires to interview the applicant or demand supplementary materials, however, the applicant fails to do so, the application will be deemed as cancelled.

Processing time

Within 7 business days for applications with complete documents required.

A receipt we got for apply for residence permit for a newborn.

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