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Everything You Need to Know About Shanghais Biggest Block Party

After good times galore last month, Found 158 is kicking on with Shanghais Biggest Block Party C Part II next Saturday, June 26 from 1pm onwards (and into the night) C and sunshine is in the forecast!

Free Drink!

Early Bird Tickets are just RMB58, which gets you a welcome drink from New Zealand's finest hard seltzer Everyday Weekend C Kiwi or Pear & Manuka Honey, and less than 100 calories a can, so drink one or 10, and still have room for that slice of late night pizza.

Food & Drink Deals!

You'll also get a wristband, which then entitles you to 33 amazing food and drink deals across the nine participating venues C all of the following will be just RMB30 a pop from 1-7pm...Boteco
Drinks: Frozen Caipirinha / Frozen Aperol / Frozen Margarita / Brazilian Beer
Food: Baked Cheese Bread / Chicken Croquettes
Caf des Stagiaires
Drinks: Vedett Blond / Vedett White Rose / House Wine / Moscow Mule / Mojito
Food: Mini Pizza / French Fries
Drinks: House Wine / Becks
Food: Mini Fish & Chips
Drinks: House Wine / Saigon Beer / Asahi Beer / Vodka Mixer / Rum Mixer
Homeslice Pizza
Drinks: Cita Session Lager / Shanghai Love Paloma Superstar
El Santo
Drinks: Frozen Margarita / Corona / House Wine
Food: Nachos
Drinks: Whiskey Sour / Mojito / White Wine Sangria / Red Wine Sangria / Stella Artois
Food: Sev Papdi Chat / Samosa Chat / French Fries
 Selected Zapfler Beers 
 Berlin Curry Wurst / French Fries
Drinks: Draft Beer / Long Drinks
Food: Chicken Wings

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Image courtesy of Zapfler


It wouldn't be a block party without a whole lot of noise. Here's what's in store in terms of entertainment...

DJ Solo

Hitting the decks at Caf des Stagiaires is Ukrainian DJ and producer DJ Solo, with a funk and disco set. He's spent years digging for rare records and is a participant of Kyiv-Cult, a Ukrainian analog of Boiler Room.

DJ Roni

Hailing from So Paulo, Brazil, the funk, soul, house, Latin and Brazilian beats of DJ Roni will be flowing out from Boteco.

DJ Dwayne

Also at Boteco will be DJ Dwyane. He learned scratch in hip hop clubs in his native Kazakhstan, and focuses on trap and old school. He also loves Latin music and African music culture and plays reggaeton, moombaton, Brazilian funk, Afro beat and more.

DJ Baksheesh

DJ Baksheesh will be getting the party going at El Santo. Known as The Peoples DJ, Baksheesh is originally from India and presents his unique style of dance music, rooted in a blend of organic elements of tech house, Latin, Bollywood, crossover and old classic dance numbers. His DJ sets are a performance full of style and musicality, mixing grooves and harmonies from different corners of the globe.


DJ OJ will be presenting his diverse music styles and unique sets in one musical journey at Pera, mixing up everything from house to hip hop to Latin, funk and pop.

DJ Frankie

Known for his voice and ability to move the crowd, DJ Frankie will be rocking 2in1 with Afro, hip hop and EDM.

Dj Moogie

DJ Moogie will be making Cyclo the place to be. A multi-genre DJ, Moogie plays hip hop, trap and twerk, moombaton, reggae and house music. He is also the official brand ambassador for PRBLMS China, and with multiple awards, he is definitely a name to look out for.

Kid Friendly!

Good news C there's a great new service on offer down at Found 158. Each Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm, Coach23 C headed up by the super popular Coach Jeremy C transforms a space into FoundLand, a kid's play area with fun activities to keep young ones of all ages entertained. That leaves you free to enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge your kids are having an awesome time. You can read more about that, and sign up for the service, right here.
Yup, that's a whole lotta good times, and all for just RMB58. But remember, you'll need the wristband to join in the fun, and early bird tickets are limited C get yours now by scanning the QR code on the poster:Found 158 Sat June 26, 1-7pm. Found 158158 Julu Lu, by Ruijin Yi Lu 158, .
Scan the QR code to join our Thats Shanghai Lifestyle Insiders group for prizes, vouchers and the latest news.

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