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10 Places That Should Be On Your China Bucket List

July & Aug | 12-Day Duku Road Southern Xinjiang Journey

Image courtesy of Dragon AdventuresTravel through a stunning scenery of snow-capped mountains, pine forests, glistening glaciers, expansive grasslands and arid desert. Flying in to Urumqi, highlights include Turpan, with its ancient well systems and Thousand Buddha Caves, Kuqa Grand Canyon, like a dragon lying in the mountains, Khotan night market, visiting the Daolang tribe, clear-as-a-mirror Lake Karakul, the Stone City and the Golden Grass Beach and the Old Town of Kashgar, with its Grand Bazaar, Aitigar Mosque and Tomb of the Fragrant Imperial Concubine.

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June 29-July 6 & July 15-22 | 8-Day Silk Road China Adventure Tour

Image courtesy of Joy ToursThis trip is the perfect combination of culture, adventure, history and natural wonders. Visit everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites to magnificent mountain ranges and deserts. Starting in Lanzhou, you will then have the chance to visit Chaka Salt Lake, Zhangye Danxia Landforms, Jiayuguan Pass Great Wall and Dunhuang Mogao Caves. Enjoy a sunset view of the colorful Rainbow Mountains, marvel at the geometric beauty of the Weijin Tomb Murals and enjoy a camel trek in the desert sand.

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July & Aug | Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang Avatar Mountain Tour

Image Courtesy of Dragon AdventuresLocated in the northern mountain ranges of Hunan, the remote Zhangjiajie National Forest was known only to the Tujia, Miao and Bai minority groups for centuries. Today, with its towering karst spires, rich brown earth and lush forests, Zhangjiajie has become an iconic Chinese landscape. Made a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1992, and immortalized by the film Avatar, the park is famed for its deep, forested canyons and enormous, isolated limestone peaks, each with its own miniature ecosystems akin to bonsai forests. This tour also takes in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, the worlds longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge. Walk it if you dare!

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July & Aug | Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

 Images courtesy of Yoga for Life

This summer, Yoga for Life Shanghai is heading back to breathtaking Anji Mountains for a series of yoga and mindfulness retreats (over the past three-and-a-half years they have brought over 350 yogis here for retreats). They will be staying at beautiful secluded sites among the stunning mountain landscape in both Caojiawu and Guanyintang Villages for some healthy living for both body and mind.

Images courtesy of Yoga for Life

Caojiawu Village: 

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 Images courtesy of Yoga for Life

Guanyintang Village: 

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June 19-24 | 6-Day Northern Xinjiang Tour

Image courtesy of Joy ToursXinjiang is a noble destination for travelers, enchanting people to pack bags with its name alone. This tours brilliant itinerary covers the sites of northern Xinjiang, taking you on a scenic adventure along the ancient Silk Road. With a local expert guide, as well as comfortable vehicles, you will discover beautiful lakes, rivers, hills, snowy mountains, deserts, woods and grassland and the exotic places of Urumqi, Burqin, Kanas, Hemu and Karamay.

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July-Oct | 6-Day Inner Mongolia Hulunbeir Grasslands Tour

Image courtesy of Dragon AdventuresStart your journey in Hailar and visits to Genghis Khan Square, the ancient city night market and a bone restaurant, a typical grassland hotpot. Then head to the Hulunbeir Grasslands, a world of winding rivers scattered with herds of cows, flocks of sheep and yurts. Take in birch forest and reindeer parks, visit local farm households, ride a horse over the wetlands and Heishan Mountain and learn Mongol skills from the local tribes.

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All Year | 5-Day Inner Mongolia Desert & Grassland Tour

Image courtesy of Joy ToursThe endless blue sky, vast grasslands and nomadic tradition of ethnic Mongols. Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, live in a traditional Mongolian yurt and watch the sunrise over the Xilamuren Grassland. Try some desert activities like camel riding, sand sliding, glider flying and motor racing in the Kubuqi Desert. Visit Dazhao Monastery, the largest and most well-preserved lamasery in Hohhot and discover the Tibetan Buddhist Culture of Five Pagoda Temple.

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All Year | 4-Day Guizhou Nature and Culture Tour

Image courtesy of Joy ToursDiscover this mountainous province hidden in a corner of Southwest China that remains secreted away from the travel trail. On this legendary land, you meet the Miao people and their brilliant and colorful culture and enjoy a full day exploring Huangguoshu, Chinas largest and arguably most beautiful waterfall, and walk in the Karst stone forest.

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July 2-4 | RMB680 Mountain Resort Pool Party

Image courtesy of Dragon Adventures
Escape chaotic city life and the stuffy Shanghai air and head up to Linan and enjoy the coolest summer pool party amidst a stunning bamboo forest in the mountains. Just three-and-a-half hour's drive from Shanghai and youll be gathering around the bonfire with your fellow travelers, taking part in fun games, and enjoying delicious local meals, refreshing drinks and awesome music. All over three days and two nights for just RMB680.

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July 17-25 & Aug 21-29 | Yunnan Highlights Motorcycle Tour

Image courtesy of TibetmotoRide through one of Chinas most beautiful provinces and discover previously untraveled regions, including the greatest highlights and motorcycling routes of Chinas Southwest. In Yunnan, you can still get a feel for the authentic China as it was before the transformation of recent decades. The landscapes on this motorcycle adventure are so varied that its like a continent to itself. On the most pulse-quickening panoramic roads, take an adventurous ride through the subtropical Tiger Leaping Gorge, to Lake Lugu and the old towns of Dali and Lijiang, before heading deep into the Himalayas. Discover the full splendor of Himalayan passes in the Tibetan regions near Shangri-La and enjoy awe-inspiring views of the snow-capped 6,740-meter Kawa Karpo Mountain. Explore China on a BMW motorcycle in a way that only few have done before.

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