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JobsLead Teachers| 20K - 25K RMB per month

Job Responsibilities

Hold regular classroom training sessions to ensure all staff have the opportunity for growth within their team. Assist the principal/campus manager in developing and organising workshops and special events. Keep a daily class log of all unusual events. (Children absent, accidents, children upset etc.) Keep daily attendance records. Manage, plan, coordinate and run up to 3 school/wide community events (or event groupings) per year. Report to the principal/campus manager any accidents or incidents as soon as they occur. Maintain current and accurate academic and general progress records. Write and file all lesson plans. Use the effectiveness training tools for problem solving and emotional direction. Make individual monthly plans to support the growth of every child in the class. Send out weekly learning objectives, general newsletter, and all other regular and agreed upon parent communications. (ref: Communication Management) Hold parent/teacher conferences at least two times per year. Maintain regular parent communication through the school APP. Hold regular Parent Information Salons to help bridge school and family relations. Maintain regular communication with parents in regard to their individual childs development. Write at least two report cards per year for each child. If parents request referral forms or recommendations, submit them immediately. Notify the principal immediately of any difficulties with children, parents or other staff members. Assist with school-wide newsletter, projects and other special programmes. Understand and exhibit a professional manner at all times. Undergo daily self-reflection to better understand the root of reactions, problems and difficult situations so as to make positive changes. Actively take responsibility in the creation of at least one area of annual programme development (1 month each) under the direction of the curriculum development department. Manage class material budgets, ensuring strict economic and environmental practice is observed. Role model exceptional grace and courtesies at all times. (Personal cleanliness, casual/professional/culturally acceptable attire, walking, eye contact, smiling, listening, greeting, communications, problem solving.)

Job Requirements

Lead Teachers hold the following responsibilities. This list is not exhaustive and additional responsibilities may be added as deemed necessary throughout the course of the employees position. Be responsible for the safety, physical and emotional well-being of the children at all times. Greet and dismiss children and parents daily. Uphold the schools mission at all times. Prepare an environment in which all materials and furnishings are complete and correspond to the needs of the children. Manage and maintain a rigorous cleaning, organisation and hygiene programme for classrooms and shared public areas. Together with the children, establish, implement and maintain a set of positive enforcement classroom rules that avoid all danger, disruption and destruction. Ensure adequate supervision of all children at all times. Be responsible for the care, maintenance and semesterly inventory of all classroom materials. (The children should be taught to share this responsibility.) Plan, maintain and update class notice-boards, displaying childrens work creatively and aesthetically. Conduct daily teacher/assistant meetings for communication purposes and to give assistants the opportunity to share questions and observations.

Required Languages


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