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Again?Flight is cancelled after passenger throws them into jet's

A man in China was detained by police after he was caught throwing coins into a jey's engine for good luck - a superstition that put the lives of the 148 passengers and crew in danger. 

The passenger, identified only as having the surname Wang, was scheduled to fly from Weifang to Haiku on a Beibu Gulf Airlines flight GX8814 when he tossed a handful of coins wrapped in red paper into the engine.

Coins in a plane's engine can damage the blades or even cause a fire.  

Luckily, runway workers noticed the coins on the tarmac under the plane before it took off and alerted the aircraft's crew.  

Wang reportedly admitted throwing six coins wrapped in red paper into the plane's engine. A picture of the coins was later shared online.

The staff managed to recover all the coins but the flight had to be cancelled due to safety concerns. All 148 passengers were forced to disembark and wait for another flight until the next morning.

Wang was then detained by the police.


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