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So Far! The City Announces New Medium & High-Risk Areas

So Far! The City Announces New Medium & High-Risk Areas


Ruili city announced Monday to dial-up risk levels in 3 neighborhoods to high-level risk areas for contracting COVID-19, and 6 other areas to medium-risk, breaking the 42-day streak after China cleared all medium and high-risk areas on Feb 22nd.

The border city now has 3 high-risk areas and 6 medium-risk areas, according to the city's epidemic prevention and control headquarters.

High-Risk Area

  • Jie Gao Guo Men Community, Ruili City ();

  • Jinkan Villager Group of Tuanjie Village Committee, Mengmao Town ();

  • Xianke Lane and Guangming Lane residents group ().

Medium-Risk Area

  • Xin Sheng Times Home Community, Mengmao Town ();

  • Red Brick Factory, Ruijing Road, Mengmao Town ();

  • Xing He Lan Wan Community, Mengmao Town ();

  • Shuangmao village group ();

  • Xialongan village group ();

  • Jewelry street old food factory district ().

Source: Global Times


COVID-19 Update Apr. 6th.

1. Shanghai:

+0 local case

+2 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+9 imported COVID-19 cases

+15 local cases in Yunnan

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