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How to Keep a Luxious Head of Hair?

How to keep a luxious head of hair?

What do you think about tap water in China? And where do you normally drink water from? This time Ed in Shanghai will share his experience with us! 

If you have been in Shanghai for more than a few days you will have by now realized that your water from your tap is drinkable. However, being able to drink something doesn't mean you should. Some of the worst culinary mistakes I have made have been risking it and eating some suspect food. Why should the water be any different?

The cultural advice is that you boil the water and have it hot regardless of if it is hot outside. My personal favorite is when people go half-half with the water fountains... almost like they don't trust the manufacturer. There is something not so bizarre but glaringly obvious once I mention it... Are you ready for it? 'The bald spot paradox'!

You may surmise that I am giving men in Shanghai the excuse that the water is to blame but frankly (or in this case, Francinely) the women are often the worst affected. Thinning hair and a dodgy tummy are signs of poor water quality at home. I would encourage bottled water but the environmental impact of all that plastic per person every day is just scary, not to mention the sometimes careless disposal of plastic leading to more pollution than necessary.

SOOOOOO, what are the alternatives?

Water filters! 

Water filters on everything...I am serious. 

Here is my filter for brushing my teeth. The filter inside is white as I replaced it today.

Now here is the one I put in two months ago.

I know what you are thinking. And yes, the water is technically drinkable but burnt food is technically edible. I didn't stop with that filter for my tap. I bought a shower filter because honestly, I am a little vain and if I can give myself a few more years of hair on my head without medical interference I will take it.

Here is my shower filter after two months...

I now have a water filter system so I can safely drink the water in my house and save the planet and save my health. However, Shanghai is not the only city with a water quality issue. Beijing has struggled in the past and probably will in the future as the logistics of supplying water to a megacity is mind-boggling at best. There is one key point to be outlined here, the WHO standards for safe water are adhered to by both of these cities.

In conclusion, boiling water does not save you from the other ingredients still inside the water. It's essential for us and should be filtered again and again to make sure it has minimal impact on us. Invest in a system in your home if you want to keep a luxurious head of hair and a healthy body.



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