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Craft Baijiu Brand 8 Is Changing the Baijiu Game in China

8 Launch Weekend

It's the event of the season, the precursor of awesome celebrations to come this summer, the festival for anyone and everyone who loves exploring the evolution of true China craft CThe 8 Baijiu Launch Weekend. With six events taking place across four days, Shanghais streets will be flowing with baijiu. 

Starting off the long weekend right, on Thursday from 8pm to late at La Social, sip on The 8 Sour or a Paper Tiger C the cousin to the classic negroni with Grand Marnier and Aperol. 

Friday is all about getting down at Up. The party kicks off at 9pm, where baijiu will be flowing like Nongfu Spring into the wee hours of the night. 

Soak up a sunny Saturday patio brunch at Funkadeli, with baijiu beverages available from noon to 5pm. For RMB188, you can enjoy Funkadelis normal free flow menu plus all 8 cocktails and your choice of a 8 branded hat or t-shirt. 

Roll into your Saturday evening at Tacolicious with a Not a Negroni C a classic cocktail that sees gin swapped out for baijiu C or Lucky Number 8 Margarita for celebrating Tacolicious 1-year anniversary. 

Make your way over to W Shanghai C The Bund for a Sunday boozy Bund baijiu brunch; RMB546 gets you free flow alcoholic drinks and the W Hotels set brunch menu. The 8 co-founders, RJ Steiner and James Gillespie, will be mixing some refreshing 8 signature drinks well into the sunny afternoon. 

Rounding out the weekend with an industry night at Perch, from 4pm until late, the bar team will be shaking up some Perch 8 originals. 

This four-day launch is all about bringing baijiu back. At each venue, 8 will be featuring different specialty cocktails and giving out  8 branded merch, like t-shirts and trucker hats.

Swing by Shake from April 7 through the end of the month to try any of the four 8 cocktails they have on special, crafted by mixologist Colin Tait. Stop in on a Thursday for buy-one-get-one free on all 8 cocktails. 

In addition to all launch weekend venue locations, you can also find 8 at other favorite Shanghai hangouts like J. Boroski, El Santo, Rooster, Heartbreaker, Cages, Gin & Juice, Yasmines, The Middle House and many more. 

About 8

Baijiu, a cornerstone of Chinese culture, embodies tradition, history and status. The name, C meaning white C represents the purity of this spirit that shares the same first character with the word baijiu. The idea of 8 both exemplifies wholeness and the dynamic and static state of all-natural phenomena C a fundamental Chinese philosophy of nature. 

As a craft baijiu, 8 (pronounced bai-ba) elegantly finds the balance between heritage and modernity. A refined formula of 8 local botanicals C inspired by Chinese apothecary C give birth to the hero product. 

Hawthorne, Chinese date, coriander seed, green tea, shiitake mushroom, honey, Sichuan peppercorn, and Buddhas hand come together to enhance the essence of this aromatic baijiu. Each botanical is hand-selected from regions across China for its unique flavor qualities. 

Pure ingredients and time-honored fermentation techniques give baijiu its unrivaled power in Chinese culture. 8 is the first to take this infusion of a finished baijiu product and re-distill and blend it to create a baijiu that is complex and well-balanced, without compromising on the flavors that make baijiu truly unique. 

The distillery C nestled on the Ou River in Lishui, Zhejiang draws its water from this natural water source, resulting in a light-flavored baijiu that is aromatic and piquant. After a two-months fermentation process using a closely guarded small qu () fermentation agent recipe, the baijiu is distilled in a traditional stainless steel still C the design of which has remain unchanged for centuries. 

They then incorporate their carefully selected eight botanicals C macerating, re-distilling and blending the final product. 8 is strictly crafted in small batches to ensure quality and flavor are never compromised. 

Their own distinct blending and distilling process makes 8 the ideal baijiu for cocktail mixing. 8 aspires C that through a natural approach C people will fall in love again with baijiu, an irreplaceable cultural element. 

With an aromatic scent, a refined taste, and a casual elegance,8 is able to harness the power of this symbolic spirit, making a new drinking tradition out of one of the world's oldest. 

To stay up to date with all things 8, follow their Official WeChat Account by scanning the QR code below: 

For direct ordering, head to their Mini Program: 

All images courtesy of 8.

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