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Chinese NIA Launches Hotline & Website in English Today!

Chinese NIA Launches Hotline & Website in English Today!

In order to further improve the level of "Fang Guan Fu" reform initiatives (reforms to streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services), as well as facilitate Chinese and foreign personnel to obtain immigration management information and enjoy convenient government services, the 12367 service platform of the National Immigration Administration English Portal is going online on April 8th.

Identification of 12367 service platform of National Immigration Administration

As an integrated "customer service center" of the national immigration management agencies, the 12367 hotline will effectively solve the inconveniences reported by the public, such as "too many numbers", "hard to remember", "long busy lines", "low efficiency", etc. By providing bilingual and 24/7 human services in both Chinese and English, realizing "first-time response, full-time operation and standardized service", the hotline will make public consultation more convenient.

Yu Yijun, deputy director of the legal department of the Entry-Exit Administration, said, "we will also strengthen the complementary functions of the platform with the city's "Yi Wang Tong ()" office. For the demands of inquiring about the appointment results and the subsequent processing progress in the process of applying for the entry-exit permit, as well as daily inquiries about personal entry-exit records and the entry-exit permit one holds, we can implement the entry-exit function section of the "Yi Wang Tong" Office (Sui Shen Ban ) platform Now. The operation is simple and convenient. "

The transfer process of 12367 

hotline is as follows:

If you dial 12367 in Shanghai and choose the Chinese service, then select "entry-exit certificate processing" in the business navigation option, the telephone agent of the bureau will directly provide you the nearest service, so as to improve the one-time "connection rate" and "completion rate".

English, overseas consultation calls, and suggestions calls will be answered by the Immigration Service Center of the National Immigration Administration, so as to realize the accurate and intensive service of English hotline resources, and further improve the scientific management level of the platform operation.

National Immigration Administration English Portal (website)

The new online National Immigration Administration English Portal (https://en.nia.gov.cn/) mainly provides information release, consultation and exchange, immigration services, and other thematic sections. It provides guidance and office inquiries for visa, residence permit, residential registration, and other affairs. It also publishes authoritative information about China's immigration management, so as to provide timely assistance to foreigners and relevant market players including checklist information guidance, friendly online services, and instant interactive communication.

The website has two versions: A web version and a mobile version, which are convenient for users to use at any time and anywhere.

Next Step

Under the guidance and support of the National Immigration Administration, the Entry-exit Administration Department of Shanghai Public Security will constantly improve the service quality of 12367 hotline platform, as well as further enhance the service ability of the city's immigration and exit-entry administration, and respond timely to the new demands and expectations of the Chinese and Foreign Entry-Exit Personnels, and fully serve the economic and social development.


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