2021-04-06 10:32


32 New COVID Cases Reported in China! Local & Imported!

Source: China Daily, Republic World

China reported a total of 32 new cases, 15 out of which were detected in Ruili, a city in Yunnan province that borders Myanmar.

Genetic analysis of the infected cases showed that the virus was likely imported from Myanmar. Later, media confirmed that 11 out of the 15 identified local cases were citizens of Myanmar.

The rest of the 17 cases were identified as imported cases from overseas. In the aftermath, health authorities have sealed the infected area, putting residents under home quarantine. 

Additionally, they have initiated a robust vaccination drive, in a bid to build Ruilis herd immunity. The latest update has now pushed the overall coronavirus caseload to 90,305 while the death toll remains unchanged at 4,636.

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