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12 Common Chinese (lingc, measure words)

As a student of Chinese, measure words ( or lingc in pinyin) are one of the first aspects of Chinese grammar youre likely to encounter. Measure words, which are used to quantify nouns, are an important part of the Chinese language and can help native speakers understand you better. 

Remember to employ the following structure to use Chinese measure words correctly: number + measure word + noun. Now, read on for 12 common Chinese measure words with examples and explanations! 

1.  (g)  (g) is the most common Chinese measure word and the easiest to use. Its a generic, catch-all measure word. Its possible to use (g) with almost any Chinese noun and still be understood. Sometimes, native speakers even default to (g) after forgetting which measure word to use with a certain noun. Of course, that doesnt mean its always correct to use (g).


 ling g rntwo people 

y g dfnga place

2.  (kui) 

(kui) is used to quantify foods that can be cut into pieces, such as meat or cake, as well as money and other objects that come in chunks. 
 y kui dngoone piece of cake
sn kui b

three pieces of cloth 

3. (zh)

(zh) is a common measure word used for birds and certain animals. It can also be used for one of a pair, usually when referring to certain parts of the human body that come in pairs, like eyes and hands. Less commonly, its used with objects like boats and suitcases.
                                                  sn zh nio
three birds
                                               y zh shua hand

4. (bn) (bn) is used with books, textbooks and other similar book-like bound objects, such as photo albums.
                                        y bn sha book
                                   ling bn cdina dictionary

5. (ling) (ling) is another common measure word youll need to use when talking about vehicles like cars and buses.
                                   w ling chfive cars

                          y ling gngjio ch

a bus

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6. (png)

(png) is similar to the English measure word bottle, but can also be used to refer to jars, flasks and vases.
                                      y png shua bottle of water
                              ling png pto jingtwo jars of grape jelly

7. (bi)
Like (png), (bi) is another Chinese measure word with a close English equivalent. Its used as a classifier for containers of liquids, much like glass and cup in English.
                             y bi shua cup of water
                         sn bi pji

three cups of beer

8. (wn)
(wn) is used like the English measure word bowl. It comes in handy when ordering food that comes in bowls, such as rice or noodles.
                      y wn mfna bowl of rice
                      ling wn mintiotwo bowls of noodles

9. (shung)

(shung) is roughly equivalent to the English measure word pair. Its used with words for things that come in pairs like shoes, socks and chopsticks.
y shung kuizi                        a pair of chopsticks
 y shung xizia pair of shoes

10. (jin)

(jin) is a super useful measure word thats most commonly used with clothing. It also works with certain items of furniture and luggage, as well as with abstract events.
                      y jin yfa piece of clothing
                      y jin sh

a matter

11. (zhng) (zhng) is a measure word thats most commonly used with flat objects like paper, cards, tickets, desks and tables.
             y zhng zhuzia table
                       ling zhng pio

two tickets

12. (zhng)

(zhng) is used when talking about a sort, kind or type of thing. It can be used with nouns that refer to either objects or abstract concepts or feelings.
                     y zhng dngwa type of animal
                     y zhng gnjua kind of feeling 

Now that you've mastered these 12 common Chinese measure words, be sure to supplement your studies by practicing with local speakers as much as possible! Enroll in CLI's one-on-one Chinese lessons today to bring your Mandarin closer to fluency.  

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- The CLI Team

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