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WATCH: Famous Baijiu Brand Moutai Releases Cringeworthy Rap Song

On Monday, Guizhou-based Chinese liquor company Kweichow Moutai dropped a cringeworthy rap video about its liquor.

The video features three foreigners in Guizhous Maotai city, rapping about their love for the hard-hitting baijiu. Titled Oh Its Moutai, we knew we were in for a treat after the first line: Call me not laowai cause I know Chinese wine (laowaiwine). 

The song is sung in Chinese with English subtitles that almost steal the show. Some of our favorites include: wind intoxicates the nearby homes and fragrance has nowhere to hide.

Check out the video below (VPN off):

For those unfamiliar with Moutai, its considered Chinas national liquor and is typically more expensive than other baijiu brands. Reaching up to 53% ABV, its also pretty lethal to consume and folks tend to love it or hate it.

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While the state-owned C and publicly traded C company has enjoyed a long streak of success, its new rap video seems to be an obvious reach towards both Chinas millennial and non-Chinese nationals.

Kweichow Moutai stock price surged in 2020. Screengrab via Google Finance

The brand dropped their new track at the right time, as Chinese families are preparing for Spring Festival feasts C Moutai is sure to make an appearance at many gatherings. However, wed say Oh Its Moutai is unlikely to be playing in the background.

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[Screengrab via QQ]

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