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Chinese New Year Traditions - 11th Day - Son-in-Law Day

Gnj chuntng, zhngyu shy sh  Zxr . Zi gdi, yjng jihn de nrn mi sh b nng chngchng hu ningji, suy zi d nin ch r n tin, hu gn zhe zj zhngf dishng lw hu ningji kn fm. Zhnggu rn fichng jingji l shng wng li , ync do le zhngyu shy de shhuyuf yum hu zic yoqng zj de nr nx li jil chfn, zuwi hul. Zh ji sh Zxr de yuli.

According to Chinese traditions, 11th Lunar January is Son-in-law Day. In the ancient times, married women couldn't go back to their parents' as often as they wanted. So usually on the 2nd Lunar January, they would go back to their parents' with their husbands with gifts. Chinese people believe that courtesy calls for reciprocity. So on the 11th, parents of married women would invite their sons-in-law in return.

Zhngyu shy y sh jnin Zg de rzi. Chunshu Zg sh gdi dh rnji de xioqi, ynwi shudo yunpi titi de jd, zhngyu shy zh y tin bi his zi csu l, shngtin linmn t, fng t wi cshn. Rnmen cngc zi zh y tin jnin Zg, xwng t ky boh bi yp de ru nz.

11th Lunar January is also the day to memorize Zigu. It is said that Zigu was the concubine of a rich man. The wife of the man was jealous of her so she killed Zigu in the bathroom. The God pitied her so helped her become bathroom goddess. Since then people memorize her every year on the 11th Lunar January and wish she would help vulnerable women group.

The following video is a brief introduction of the Son-in-law Day.


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