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All Your Favorite Foods Delivered Direct to Your Door

Get all your favorite foods delivered direct to your door by That's Delicious. What do they have? we hear you ask. What don't they have? is more like it...

Curry & Stew

"May your poppadoms be crispy, your sauces be tasty and your curry spicy." So say those in the know. As well as delicious curries, there are hearty stews, and have some pies thrown in for good measure.


Whether you are entertaining with a cheese board, looking for a tasty gift, or simply want to stuff your face with the wonderful stuff (no judgment from us) here are more that 100 cheeses to choose from, all in one place. We're talking brie, camembert, comte, stilton, belprado, manchego, gorgonzola, cheddar, gouda, emmental, roquefort and much, much more...

Fish & Seafood

From mussels to mackerel, clams to cod, scallops to squid, anchovies to octopus, the very best the ocean has to offer. That's right, even caviar.

Olives & Dips

The world is your olive, my friend; the best the Mediterranean and Middle East has to offer. Dip in and find out for yourself.


Whether it is ready made desserts, a cake or a cheeky cookie (or 10), the sweet section has got the lot... including some surprisingly healthy selections for the sensible sweet-toothed out there.


Dark chocolate yogurt with overnight oats, banana and coconut, chia yogurt with blueberry, mango, passion fruit or raspberry and honey, soy and almond based yogurt. The Greek gods had nothing on this.

Sausage & Bacon

All kinds of sausages imaginable, from Cumberland to chorizo, bratwurst to beef. A sizzling selection of bacon, whether you like it smoked or streaky, thick cut or crispy. Everything but the oink! 

Deli & Smoked

The Deli counter is just a click away, with ready-to-eat meats, salads, meats, pates and more meats.

Ready to Eat

Talking of ready-to-eat, nobody is judging you if, at the end of a long day, you just want a delicious meal pre-prepared and waiting for you. You're busy people, we get that C this section is for you.


What's the beef? Be it sliced, minced, cubed, a burger or good old steak, a selection as extensive as it is unbeatable.


You'd have to be a bird brain not to find something you like here, be it chicken, duck or turkey.


Everything but the oink part two, from a cold cut starter plate to a pork chop feast to a full-on Sunday roast, this section offers a swine old time.

Other Protein

Lamb, veal and venison. Mix it up with a mixed grill, we say. Try something a little bit different.

Chocolate & Snacks

Snack attack. Nothing like a good nibble. Fruit and nuts and chips and chocolate. A bit of popcorn as you pop a box set on. Indulge yourselves...

Scan the QR code and follow the That's Delicious WeChat to stay in the know. Happy shopping!

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