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Would You Dare to Try Driverless Vehicles?



Last year we have included an article saying that Chinese tech giant Didi Chuxing has opened its self-driving ride-hailing services to passengers in parts of Shanghai - Shanghai Residents can try driverless taxis for FREE.

Cheng Wei, the founder of Didi, said it will take at least 10 years of consistent investment to see self-driving vehicles achieve maturity in technologies, commercial values, and legal regulations.


"It was an interesting experience, but it was also a little bit weird," said Wu You, a Jiading resident who took part in the test drive on Wednesday, explaining that traffic conditions in the area were relatively simple, with only a few cars and pedestrians on the roads. "That's not what Shanghai's roads look like," 

"Shanghai is our main trial site, and we have sent more than 100 self-driving taxis to various places around the world, including California," Wang said.

Local companies, which have developed self-driving technologies for expressways, are keen to test their vehicles in a wide range of scenarios. China plans to allow autonomous vehicles to be tested on highways.

Currently, there is no national regulation that allows autonomous vehicles to be tested on highways in China, which makes it difficult for companies to gather relevant data to improve their technologies.

The ministry said there is a need to expand the scope for road tests and pilot applications of intelligent connected vehicles to include highways. But efforts will be made to ensure safety.

Meanwhile, unmanned vehicles for professional use, such as self-driving sanitation vehicles, are allowed to apply for road tests under the draft guideline.

China has opened 2,000 kilometers of public roads for testing of intelligent connected vehicles, and it has issued more than 400 licenses to companies for self-driving tests, with the total road test mileage exceeding 2 million kilometers.

It is expected to accelerate the development of China's self-driving technologies and quicken the commercialization of autonomous vehicles on roads.

An automobile analyst at the new energy and intelligent connected car industry thinks tank under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said testing autonomous vehicles on highways is an essential step toward the commercialization of self-driving vehicles, especially self-driving trucks.


"Only when unmanned vehicles are proved to be secure on highways can they be used for real-life scenarios."

Currently, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Singapore have already allowed self-driving vehicles to be tested on highways.

China is planning to achieve the scale production of vehicles capable of conditional autonomous driving and commercialization of highly autonomous vehicles in certain circumstances by 2025.

Online search engine giant Baidu Inc said last month that it has received permission from transport authorities in Beijing to conduct road tests for five fully driverless vehicles, where there is no safety driver in the autonomous driving vehicle.

Source: Xinhua & Shichengbbs


COVID-19 Update Jan. 13th.

1. Shanghai: 

+5 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+115 COVID-19 cases, include:

+8 imported COVID-19 cases

+107 confirmed cases: 90 in Hebei, 16 in Heilongjiang, and 1 in Shanxi

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