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Shanghai's 8 Advises against Spring Festival Travel


On Jan.13th, Shanghai announced 8 measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with the coming Spring Festival travel season:


Except for returning home to visit relatives or for official business, people should not leave Shanghai or go abroad unless necessary. People should be encouraged to spend the Spring Festival in Shanghai and reduce personnel flow as far as possible.


People from high-risk areas of the domestic epidemic are temporarily postponed from coming to Shanghai and returning to Shanghai. They can only come to Shanghai and return to Shanghai when the risk level of the area is reduced to low risk.


All people coming to and returning to Shanghai from areas with high epidemic risks in China (prefecture-level cities and districts), should report to the local village committees and units (or hotels) as soon as possible and within 12 hours after their arrival in Shanghai. The classification management depends on the epidemic risk level of the origin and transit of areas.


All people coming to and returning from Shanghai who came from or passes through areas (counties, districts, or cities) with high epidemic risks in China, shall be placed under concentrated quarantine for 14 days for health observation and should take coronavirus nucleic acid twice.


All the people coming from or passing through the risk areas of the domestic epidemic and their counties (districts, cities) will be subjected to strict community health management for 14 days and should take coronavirus nucleic acid twice.


Airports, stations, docks and other transport passenger yards (stations) to strengthen the body temperature measurement and health code inspection of people coming to Shanghai and returning to Shanghai.


The village committee, units, schools, and hotels should strengthen the body temperature measurement and the city health code inspection of the people who come to Shanghai and return to Shanghai.


From the date of release, the above measures shall be implemented until March 31, 2021. The city will adjust the relevant prevention, control measures, and implementation time in a dynamic manner according to the situation of the epidemic at home and abroad.

Apart from that, Shanghai's supermarkets, catering businesses, and office buildings are taking stricter measures to prevent gatherings and the spread of coronavirus. The citys shopping malls have also tightened their coronavirus prevention and control measures.

At the Cloud Nine Shopping Mall in Changning District, everyone must have their temperature checked by infrared thermometers before entry and staff have been told to wear masks.

Customers arriving by cars will also have their temperatures checked by security staff using hand-held sensors.

If the cars license plate indicates north China, where some areas have become COVID-19 hotspots recently, the driver will be required to record visitors names, license plate number and entry time in case of emergency tracking,

In the past months when the pandemic was well contained in China, some people without masks were allowed to come in, But recently measures to curb COVID-19's spread have been strengthened.

Source: Shine


COVID-19 Update Jan. 14th.

1. Shanghai: 

+8 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+138 COVID-19 cases, include:

+14 imported COVID-19 cases

+124 confirmed cases: 81 in Hebei and 43 in Heilongjiang

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