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Management system for foreigners working in China upgraded


According to the national "Internet + government service" construction requirements, the construction of the Ministry of Science and Technology unified identity authentication system, to achieve "one place registration, mutual recognition" and "one certification, the whole network to do", foreigners in China work management system has been integrated into the Ministry of Science and Technology government service platform.


Starting from January 11, 2021, the government has upgraded the work permit management system for foreigners in China. The new entry points are:


The new system requires every lawfully established company to re-authenticate its user identity as a foreign-related company.

Materials required (the following materials shall be clear color scanned copies or photographic images in JPG format:):

1. Business license

2. Front and back of the ID card of the legal person and the ID card of the agent; the first page of the passport provided if the legal person or agent is a foreigner.

3. Company information (such as address, company name, landline, cell phone, email, etc.)


Step 1: Open the website entrance to choose the legal person login, with the previously registered system user name and password to login

Step 2: select " online business",

- " my information", 

and then gradually complete the relevant information and upload materials.

Step 3: After completing the application and uploading the materials and passing the review, you can log in again and return to the original system interface for business declaration.



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