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Jobs History teacher-Grade 9/10/11/12| 30K - 35K RMB per month

Job Responsibilities

8:00AM-5:00PM from Monday to Friday+weekend OFF. 20 students per class. No more than 25 classes per week. Make lesson plans and make sure the teaching quality for each class. Provide written lesson plans in accordance with the objectives of the instructional program. Establish high expectations for learning for all students and make ensure that students are aware of these expectations. Monitor and evaluate student progress and adjust instruction to support achievement. Applyeffectivepracticesinthedeliveryofcurriculumandinstruction. Use differentiated instruction that is aligned with student need. Comply with all district/school policies practices and procedures.

Job Requirements

USA CANADA UK SOUTHAFRICA IRELAND NEWZEALAND & AUSTRALIA. Candidate must be in China with valid work visa. Familiar with American curriculum education with over 3 years' teaching experience. American High School or AP/ACT/GAC experience preferred. Teaching license/PGCE/QTS is appreciated. Candidates with appropriate teaching qualifications are preferred. Patient reliable responsible detailed-oriented good team player with excellent communication skills self-motivated. responsible and capable of working under pressure. Strong English comprehensive abilities good at working along with foreign staff in a Chinese working environment.

Required Languages


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