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JobsUA Expert-Game Company| 80K - 90K RMB per month

Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities: 1. Develop the marketing plan for the game project, and lead the team to complete the advertising target; 2. Analyze the delivery data, study the effect of advertising, and immediately provide programs to optimize and improve the performance of advertising; 3. Be familiar with advertising channels at home and abroad, be proficient in the delivery of Channels such as Facebook/Google/Unity, and personally be responsible for the delivery of one of these channels; 4. Communication and coordination with operations, brands, technology, materials and other departments to ensure the smooth progress of all aspects of project distribution; 5. Understand the preferences and characteristics of the market segment, through market research, user analysis, etc., to determine the target market, product selling points, product positioning, user insights and so onPlease feel free to send your CV to: Email: [email protected] WeChat: hiredchina7

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. More than 3 years of experience in the gaming industry, Europe, the United States or Japan and South Korea market successful project experience; 2. Good logical thinking ability and language expression ability, strong experience summary and project review ability, and team growth; 3. Strong communication and understanding skills, strong data sensitivity and analytical skills, independent analysis and problem-solving skills; 4. Active, patient, able to withstand strong work pressure, strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit, strong interpersonal communication, coordination and overall planning skills; 5. Have a strong market perception, have a keen grasp of market dynamics, market direction. 6,Fluent in Mandarin.

Required Languages


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