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JobsGeneral Manager| 25K - 30K RMB per month

Job Responsibilities

1. Managing the Rep office team with all the aspects: sourcing Purchase, Logistics, QA, QC, accounting , sales. 2. Generate reorder tracking and priority lists for the buyer teamsuppliers and QC team to follow , maximizing efficiency in cost and time. 3. Based on unexpected issues in suppliers or products, conduct relevant analysis and generate transfer list. And assign transferred orders to sourcing buyers. 4. Consolidate customers demand, and assign orders to the buyer team. Keep the team informed about quality alerts if any, and take necessary preventive actions. 5. Enjoyment of working under HQ management and advisors in and out of china. 6. Good team builder with a good relations with people and can work under pressure 7. Travel in and out of china for visiting suppliers / customers. 8. Review with customers on their needs to improve service level. Review and work with customers on their markets needs for their products. Involve in the development, commercial evaluations and communications on new product development for customers. 9. Follow the change of customers requirements, and keep sourcing to get the best supply chain for customers. 10. Handling customers request and complaints. Work with team and suppliers internally to address customers complaint issues. 11. Conduct proactive optimization in cost saving, payment and vendor consolidation.

Job Requirements

- Over 5 years live in china - Over 2 years managing a team - Fluent English and some level in Chinese ( High is advantage ) - Experience in purchase in china - According to work arrangement, need to travel around in China

Required Languages

English, Chinese

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