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International Student Inspection to Happen in Beijing!

Source: Global Times

Beijing is scheduled to conduct its annual inspection on the enrollment and cultivation of international students by schools for the first time since the capital released revised management measures in July last year.

The inspection will cover several sectors including schools' legal qualifications, management over students and teachers, as well as internal management, according to a notice released by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission on January 5.

The annual inspection's conclusions will be divided into "pass," "deferred through," and "no pass." The schools given "no pass" conclusions will be banned from renewing their licenses and restricted from recruiting international students for the next term. The inspections are expected to be completed by the end of March, said the commission.

The authorities' move is beneficial for expat parents, as the inspection will ensure "those unqualified schools will not be one of our choices," a Chinese-American surnamed Tang, who has two children, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

For some expat parents, they have another choice: "International schools are bubbles who have no connection with the city/country," an Italian parent who has lived in Beijing for years told the Global Times on Wednesday. He prefers to be anonymous, but noted some such schools' tuition fees are "outrageous."  

All international schools in China have to "obey the local regulations and laws," Xiong Bingqi, director of 21st Century Education Research Institute in Beijing, told the Global Times on Wednesday, noting that international schools' curriculums are brought in line with international standards as well.

Beijing's move is also significant for other cities with expats who send their children to international schools, Xiong noted. 

In July 2020, Beijing's authorities released a revised version of administrative measures for the enrollment and cultivation of international students, which added the items for teaching management, making clear the requirements on curriculum setting, teaching staff, hardware facilities, student guidance and safeguard mechanisms.

For example, in terms of curriculum setting, the authorities will inspect whether the curriculum arrangement has been reported within three months after the start of the new term. Schools should offer courses in Chinese language and culture and carry out activities to help students understand Chinese history and culture.

Chinese language courses are helpful in enabling students to have an understanding of Chinese culture, Xiong noted, adding that it would not hinder schools' operation, but actually diversify students' activities and knowledge.

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