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THIS Chinese City Ranks 2nd WORST Asian Place for Expats!

Source: Yahoo News

Hong Kong has once again slid down a ranking of the worlds best places for expats to live, falling into the bottom 10 overall and coming in second to last among the Asian cities included.

The annual report by the networking site InterNations ranked Hong Kong 57th out of 66 cities around the world, with the findings based on a survey of 15,000 expats. The city was trounced by regional rival Singapore, which placed fifth, also coming behind Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, Shanghai, Bangkok, Beijing and Tokyo. Seoul was the only Asian city on the list to score lower.

Globally, Valencia in Spain was ranked the top destination for expats.

Last year, Hong Kong was ranked 52nd, behind Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei, but that report had included 82 cities in total. Six years ago, Hong Kong was ranked 10th.

In contrast, 90 per cent of expats living in Singapore rated the political stability of the city state positively.

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