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SinoUnited Health Screening Services for Long Term Wellbeing

Actively taking charge of your health and wellbeing will help you understand your current health condition, enabling you not only to make timely adjustments in your lifestyle, but also detect and treat diseases at its earliest stages.

SinoUnited Health offer a wide selection of health checkup options designed by their team of experienced physicians, which assure that all patients receive a safe, thorough and private health checkup. Centered on the GP+Specialist system, they bring together renowned medical staff with global experience to provide clients with international-standard medical care and quality service.

Why choose SinoUnited Health for your Annual Health Screening? 

SinoUnited Health focuses on patient centric services, by integrating examinations, feedback and treatments. For them, a report is simply not enough. The post examination involvement of the doctor plays a crucial role in addressing a patient's overall health; identifying the health risks helps improve wellbeing of the patients in the long run. 

SinoUnited Health has five clinic locations in Shanghai. We accept numerous of domestic and international medical insurances, and various of cash-pay packages according to different health screening needs. 

Learn more about SinoUnited Health medical team and services, please check our website at: www.sinounitedhealth.com

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