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JobsGame Writer| 15K - 20K RMB per month

Job Responsibilities

Mechanist Games is looking for a native English speaking writer to work on historical story-driven games to join a small and elite international team who are producing games for a worldwide market. The game we are hiring for requires historical research, and a creative mind to adapt ancient cultural backgrounds into modern characters, interesting story and enjoyable themes for players around the world. If youve played lots of role-playing games with heavy story, and are interested in ancient history, philosophy, old religions, and folk lore, then this is a great opportunity. Reports to Creative Director, Dave Lindsay

Job Requirements

Requirements: Chinese: Applicants must be able to speak, read and write Chinese to interact with the rest of the team. English: Your written English must be excellent, to the standard of a professional writer/author. Portfolio: The game we are hiring for is very dialog heavy. You must have experience as a writer. Your previous work doesnt have to be exclusively video games work, but should be creative in nature. Experience with branching dialog trees will be a huge plus for this position. Gamer: Playing a lot of games builds an innate sense of what feels right in a game, and what doesnt. There is no way to learn this on the job because it takes many years to build up, so for this reason we can only interview candidates that really call themselves gamers.

Required Languages

English, Chinese

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