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Irish Expat Given "Exit Ban", Unable to Leave China

Source: Irish Central, Irish Times

Irish man Richard O'Halloran has been detained in Shanghai, China for the past 16 months. He is barred from leaving China over a jet leasing row and an exit ban was imposed on him, the very first exit ban implemented in China against an Irish citizen.

Mr OHalloran has been blocked from leaving the country over an investigation into Chinese businessman Min Jiedong, owner of Dublin-based China International Aviation Leasing Service (CIALS), the firm the Irish man works for, concerning peer-to-peer lending and crowd-funding.

The authorities have accused Mr Min of illegally collecting money from the Chinese public in a crowd-funding scheme and using it to buy an aircraft, currently leased to an airline in Europe.

Mr OHalloran, who joined the company a year after the events under investigation, travelled to China in February 2019 to meet investors and assess the problems facing the firm.

After a week of meetings in Shanghai, he was detained at passport control at the airport as he tried to board his flight back to Dublin. He was later issued with an exit ban.

The businessman, a relative of former Fine Gael taoiseach Garret FitzGerald, has testified as a witness four times in the prosecution of Mr Min. However, he has not been permitted to leave China despite both the prosecutor and Mr Min telling the court he should be.

The Chinese authorities argue that Mr OHalloran promised to transfer the aircraft and leasing revenues connected to the plane back to the Irish companys Chinese parent but has not done so.

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