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FULL List of Risk Areas in Shanghai & Tianjin - 13 Infected!

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On November 23, according to the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, 3 locally confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported in Shanghai. As of now, a total of 13 locally transmitted cases were reported in China between Friday and Sunday, including 6 cases in Shanghai, 5 cases in Tianjin and 2 cases in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia.

Below are the key parts of the outbreak, including the source of infection in the three areas (Tianjin, Shanghai and Manzhouli), the high-and-medium-risk areas in China and anti-epidemic measures taken by the three local governments.

Cold-Chain Food & International Cargo

Per the results of epidemiological survey, the confirmed cases in Tianjin are closely related to a frozen food company, where the patients should have been infected by the cold-chain food;

While according to the Shanghai CDC, the initial source of infection is identified as an aircraft container shipped back to Shanghai from North America. The two confirmed infections were co-workers of UPS Shanghai International Transit Center at Pudong Airport, and they cleaned this container on October 30 without a mask at the same time.

However, the search for the source of the outbreak in Manzhouli is still ongoing.

List of High-and-Medium-Risk Areas

Therefore, as per State Council, as of November 23, there have been one high-risk area and nine medium-risk areas in China, as listed below.

To curb the spread of the virus, per the Information Office of Beijing Municipality, residents in Beijing should avoid the non-essential trips to any of the above-mentioned high-and-medium-risk areas.

Anti-Measures in the Risky Areas

According to the local governments of the three places, different anti-epidemic measures are taken as follows.

Measures Taken in Manzhouli

  • Per the Manzhouli CDC, starting from 14:00 on November 22the nucleic acid detection of all residents and enterprise employees in Manzhouli urban area shall be completed within 3 days;

  • All teaching activities in schools, kindergartens and training institutions shall be suspended;

  • All public venues shall be closed temporarily.

Measures Taken in Shanghai

According to the Shanghai CDC, the following are the epidemic prevention measures in Shanghai.

  • All workers of the Pudong Airport cargo unit shall be tested for the virus;

  • All high-risk workers of the Pudong Airport shall get vaccinated again COVID-19 virus;

  • Strengthen the elimination of imported goods, production facilities and working environment in the cargo area.

Measures Taken in Tianjin

Per the Tianjin CDC, below are the anti-measures taken in Tianjin.

  • All-round nucleic acid detection of all residents in medium-and-high-risk areas;

  • The communities and workplaces involved shall be managed by enclosed type;

  • Classes in the primary and secondary schools involved shall be suspended;

  • The nucleic acid detection shall be carried out in 7 universities around the involved community, including Tianjin Judges College, Nankai University Binhai College, Tianjin Huayuan Vocational College, Dagang campus of Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College, Tianjin Land Resource and House Vocational College, Clinical Medical College of Tianjin Medical University and the Dagang campus of Tianjin Foreign Studies University.

Per the professor Zhang Wenhong, the epidemic in Tianjin, Shanghai and Manzhouli is under control, but residents across China shall also do a good job in self-protection.

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