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Do We Put All TIME Words Before Verbs in Chinese

I guess you've been reminded for over 1000 times that "time" should be placed before the verb in Chinese. I hope you are getting used to this rule in mind very well and making less and less mistakes by practising. You can check what we talked about this in the article below in case you missed that earlier.


Let's continue today to learn Chinese sentence order with just one rule!

Today we're going to talk about another time expression - time duration

Where do we place "time duration" in the sentence? Also before the verb? Let's see:

We speak English in this way:
- I worked 12 hours yesterday.

What about Chinese?

Follow our Slow Motion Technique!

Imagine the sentence we presented as if it were seen in a movie, playing in slow motion. In this way, you can clearly see each step:

  1. The first step is "I"

  2. The second step is "yesterday"

  3. The third step is "worked"

  4. The fourth step is "12 hours"

When you combine these steps together, you have the perfect Chinese sentence:

- 12(W zutin gngzu le sh'r ge xiosh.)

Basically, with the Slow Motion Technique, the Chinese order is exactly the order in which the actions are taking place. 

You see? "12 (hours)" as a time duration word is placed after the verb.

If you start to view what you want to say with this Slow Motion Technique, you will never get the Chinese order wrong!

So when you learn Chinese, never stick to one specific rule. Use Slow Motion Technique to build up a Chinese mindset. 

This is what you really need!

That's all for today. See you next time!

The above contents are provided by Silk mandarin.

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