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Breakfast Champion Delivering... a Breakfast of Champions!

By Sophie Steiner

Christmas is coming in hot, and although every restaurant seems to be flaunting a flashy promotion, the holiday C to us C is still about gathering with friends, home cooking, drinking too much and overeating like our ancestors would want us to do. So while everyone else is creating lists of Christmas events and specials, we decided to look into how to make the best Christmas dinner at home. 

There were a few reasonable contenders as we sought out potential festive-appropriate protein outlets, searching mainly for the twin pillars of a festive feast, turkey and pork, with a bonus given to any options offering up something else yummy C next day hangover brunch, were looking at you. 

Breakfast Champion stood out from the rest, an online store touting imported meats, with everything from the obvious C like sausages to bacon C to the convenient C like deli meats and pre-cooked butchery goods C to the expansive C like entire prepared Thanksgiving dinners. We started adding items to our cart to check it out, and before hitting even half the categories, our small test order became a weeks worth of meats. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Breakfast Champions bread and butter is, as the name suggests, breakfast. At the companys heart, they make and sell cooked breakfast products, but over time they have expanded further out into deli meats, steaks, burgers, poultry, cheese and crackers and even chocolate. Excited to check out what the company is all about, we cooked up a mighty fine meat-lovers breakfast, chock full of bacon and sausages. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Starting out with the Lincolnshire Sausages (360 grams per pack, 6 sausages), as the smell of the caramelizing meat balanced with herbal and earthy sage filled our kitchen, our tummies knew this was no everyday sausage. The browned outer casing has that necessary snap, giving way to perfectly tender ground pork. 

We cooked ours on the stovetop and enjoyed them hot with fried eggs, but we can imagine that grilling them and eating them for lunch on a sausage roll would be just as rewarding. A set of three packs (1,080 grams) goes for RMB138 C thats 18 sizzlers.

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Just like the sausages, the British Pork Smoked Streaky Bacon (200 grams per pack, about 10 pieces) aint no flimsy Chinese bacon. Thick cut, yet shatteringly crisp, we first ate these with brunch and used the leftovers to satisfy a BLT craving we havent been able to fully satiate for years. 

Pro tip: we fried our eggs in the leftover bacon grease for some of the best brunch eggs around, leaving us to wonder why weve been dropping maos at barely passable brunch spots around town when we could have just been lounging in sweatpants while enjoying a way better bang for our buck at home. A set of five packs (1,000 grams) will set you back just RMB148. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

To order up your own meat-filled feast (just in time for the holidays) follow Breakfast Champions Official WeChat by scanning the QR code. 

[Cover image by Sophie Steiner/That's]

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