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YUM | Must try "eight major cuisines" in China

China is a big country of catering culture. For a long time, due to different geographical environment and customs, a variety of cuisines have been formed in a certain area. Among them, Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Anhui cuisine are known as the "eight major cuisines".

In this article, we will share the most recommended restaurants of each cuisines in Shanghai and give you some brief introductions about them. If you are a Chinese food lover, come to have a try! 

Tips: you can copy the restaurants Chinese name and search it in the map app


Shandong cuisine

Shandong cuisine is famous for its fragrance, crispy, thick and pure taste. It is especially good at making clear soup and also good at cooking seafood.

Key words: crisp and tender, highlighting the origin delicacies al flavor, salty and fresh

Top 3 recommended restaurants in Dianping

Signature Dish

/braised abalone

/Steamed Tofu Stuffed with Vegetables;


 Sichuan cuisine

Brief introduction: Sichuan cuisine is famous for its numb-taste, spicy, fresh and fragrant characteristics. It uses a lot of pepper, Chinese prickly ash and ginger.

Key words: spicy, numb-taste, sichuan pepper

Top 3 recommended restaurants in Dianping:

Signature Dish

/Sichuan spicy hotpot

/Spicy chicken cubes with peanuts


Guangdong cuisine(Cantonese cuisine)

Brief introduction: Most of the Chinese restaurants around the world mainly focus on Cantonese cuisine, which is characterized by its selection of fine materials and light taste. Cantonese cuisine is with many ingredients and exquisite decorations to pursue light and fresh taste.

Key words: light and fresh taste, fine and expensive materials

Top 3 recommended restaurants in Dianping: |lddl

Signature Dish

/cold chicken

K/Pineapple Sweet & Sour Pork


Fujian cuisine

Brief introduction: Fujian cuisine is characterized by fine ingredients, strict knife work, good heat and soup making, and it taste light, fresh and a little sweet. 

Key words: seafood, taste light and sweet

Top 3 recommended restaurants in Dianping: , , CHIC1699

Signature Dish

/Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

/Drunk ribs 


Jiangsu cuisine& Zhejiang cuisine

Brief introduction: Because Jiangsu cuisine is similar to Zhejiang cuisine, they are together called Jiangzhe cuisine. Jiangzhe cuisine is good at stewing, steaming and frying. It attaches importance to mixing soup and keeps its original juice, that has a fresh flavor and is thick but not greasy. Jiangzhe cuisine uses a wide range of ingredients, mainly fresh products from rivers, lakes or sea. It requires fine knife skills that whether it's cold or hot dishes they all show the exquisite knife technology.

Key words: water products, no spicy, fine knife skills 

Top 3 recommended restaurants in Dianping:

Signature Dish

/boiled salted duck

/Dongpo Pork


 Hunan cuisine

Brief introduction: Hunan cuisine, namely Xiang cuisine, is also known as "local cuisine" in Changsha area. It has been formed as early as the Han Dynasty. Its ingredients are more extensive so the taste is changeable. Because of its geographical location, the climate in Hunan is mild and humid, so people like to eat hot and spicy pepper to refresh themselves.

Key words: spicy, going well with rice

Top 3 recommended restaurants in Dianping:

Signature Dish

/Spicy crawfish

/Steamed Fish Head with Chilli Pepper


Anhui cuisine

Brief introduction: Anhui cuisine inherits the traditional thoughts that 'food can be used as medicine' because they have the same source, and pays attention to foods effect on peoples body and health, which is a major feature of Hui cuisine. It is a perfect combination of heavy and light taste. 

Key words: good balance of taste and health, traditional Chinese food philosophy 

Top 3 recommended restaurants in Dianping:

Signature Dish

/Ham stewed turtle

/Huangshan stewed pigeon



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