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The Truth about Modern Chinese Marriages is.


My best friend came to visit me a few days ago. When we talked about marriage, she immediately sighed and said, "I don't want to get married, I'm afraid of getting married."

I was surprised to hear that because if memory serves, she and her boyfriend have been getting along very well as theyve been together for three years, and just last week, they met each other's parents for the first time. Now they have begun to live together.


But she said that it was because of their living together that she discovered many problems that had not been exposed before, such as:


Before they lived together, her boyfriend obeyed in her every way, but now he refuses to sweep the floor.


Before living together, her boyfriend was clean, gentlemen and very polite. After living together, she found out that he doesn't like taking a bath, doesn't wash his clothes, and is usually sloppy.


Both of them used to always be enthusiastic about seeing each other and would have endless conversations. After living together for a long time, they found that they often sit on the sofa and play each other for more than half an hour without saying a word.


My best friend complained and asked me with a grievance: "How can we possibly get married? The kind of marriage I imagined is perfect and sweet."


I always think that truth and ordinary is the true appearance of love and marriage.


Only when couples can accept the dull life, get used to the days of routine, find the small and warm details in reality, can their marriage last.


Do you think the relationship between my best friend and her boyfriend has changed? It hasnt.


As long as shes careful, she can find that love and happiness between them, has always existed, but merged into life.


The boy will keep in mind that she did not like green peppers and carefully picked them out for her.

After works no matter how tired the boy is, the first thing he does when he comes home is rush into her arms, maltreatment or act like a spoiled girl. This is a sign of love and trust.

This is why I said that she is showing off.

Marriage is different from love. The closer we get to marriage, the more we can discover its truth. But the so-called truth is not as terrible as rumors. On the contrary, it has a warm and sincere beauty.

A film reflecting modern real love has attracted everyone's attention.


Instead of over-exaggerating how perfect love is and how flawless marriage is, understand that a loving marriage sometimes comes with plain, quarrelsome, misunderstandings, and silence, but most of the time they support and understand each other, with love tossing and turning for a lifetime.


The actor and actress in the video, like many people at the very beginning, thought that marriage meant "a happy life like a prince and princess now and forever".


But when reality came knocking and gave them a surprise, they were confused and wondered: Is the 'seven-year itch' coming?

But after they experienced silence, reconciliation, quarrels and hugs, they finally understood:


Love and marriage are like this - there's no good or bad, it's the one you hate and like the most; you're the most exclusive and dependent; there's love you like, and there's also love you want to escape from...


Only when you accept the trifles and chores of your marriage can you enjoy long-term marriage with your partner with a peace of mind.

Every girl, more or less, will be affected by the outside world, emerged misunderstanding or even fear towards marriage and love.

But is marriage really as unbearable as we imagine? The answer to this video is: No.

It's too beautiful to make people feel unrealistic. This kind of love with tears and smiles makes us feel real.

After watching the video, do you suddenly put down your guard against love and marriage, and can't wait to have a marriage-oriented relationship with your partner?

Many things in the world have standards. The criterion for judging whether a marriage is a happy one or not is with your dreamy imagination or material, but to find the Mr. Right and enjoy the routine life with him.

I will cook for you even if I am angry.

A good marriage is not without quarreling, but remembering to be nice to your significant other after a quarrel and being able to apologize and making up matters a lot. I can't help but think that this is what love looks like. Happiness is nothing more than that: crying and laughing, playing and making noise, and making plain days full of honey. Marriage will return to the routine, but no matter how it is, I wouldnt want to live this life with anyone else but you.

What kind of marriage are you expecting for in China? Share your comment below!

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