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That's Magazines - October 2020 Issues Out Now!

The October issues of Thats Beijing, Thats GBA and Thats Shanghai are out now, in both paper-and-ink form citywide and digital PDF form on our website. Here, Editor-in-Chief Ryan Gandolfo introduces the magazines:

Ive always looked forward to the month of October, as the weather gets colder and the holiday season is right around the corner. This year, Halloween will be a welcomed celebration for everyone to dress-up and pretend like the world isnt one giant dumpster fire. With so much happening over the last nine months, costumes should be as current and creative as ever. (Expect plenty of Karens.)

To get you into the Halloween spirit, we compiled a second volume of Tales from the Chinese Crypt to remind readers of the otherworldly tales recorded in the Middle Kingdom (pages 42-49).

Elsewhere in the magazine, our newest editor Sophie Steiner shares with readers a plethora of exciting things to do in up-and-coming Wuyuan in Jiangxi province (pages 30-35). Additionally, hear from Henry Novoa, founder of Karate Tiger Temple, as he shares with us the positive impact that karate has had on his students in Guangzhou (page 51).

In The Nation section, Ned Kelly focuses our attention on one cyclists epic journey from Switzerland to Shanghai (page 12-17).

Lastly, we hope everyone had a great National Day holiday C our offices certainly did!

Until next month,

Ryan Gandolfo


Scan the QR code below to read the October issue of Thats Shanghai.

To download previous issues of Thats, click 'Read more' () below. 

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