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TIPS | Shanghai Dental Services Guide

Luckily, Shanghai expats have an extensive number of dentists to choose from.

Many of the foreign Shanghai dentists and specialists (orthodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists, pedodontists) working in these dental clinics are expats themselves, trained in different countries around the world.

Here's a list of Shanghai international dental clinics for expats. Add it to Favourite or share it, because it might come in handy someday! 


DDS Dental Care

Brief introduction: 

  • Since 1999 leading provider of top quality dental care for Shanghai's international community.

  • Full range of dental services with aesthetic solutions.

  • International team and western trained dentists.

  • Multilingual professional supports.

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Location & Service hotline:

  • Puxi Clinic 021-54652678    

  • PuDong Clinic 021-68760409    

  • HongQiao Clinic 021-61202665    

  • HuaCao Clinic 021-24284088    

  • QingPu Clinic 021-69760341


The French Dentist

Brief introduction: 

  • French Dentist was established in 2007 and proved its constant commitment to provide high quality treatment to both the expatriate and Shanghainese community. The team of highly qualified dentists and specialists comes exclusively from France, Germany and Korea, and they are selected for their commitment to excellent results and quality patient care.

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Location & Service hotline:

  • Shanghai Mart Clinic: 021-5169 9696

  • Jinmao Tower Clinic:021-5169 9696


Tokushinkai (TSK) Dental Shanghai

Brief introduction: 

  • Shanghai TSK dental has gathered the domestic and foreign outstanding medical personnel, the use of "Four Hands" operation, implementation of strict disinfection norms, to provide treatment in peace, security and Optimization for patients. The clinic is equipped with cone beam CT, water CAD/CAM, laser, imports of advanced dental chair machine and other advanced medical equipment. 

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Location & Service hotline:

  • Jing'an Clinic 021-6340-0270

  • Greenway Clinic 400-820-3935 | 021-3366-6129

  • Takashimaya Clinic 021-6268-2286

  • Hongqiao Clinic 021-5208-0208

  • Lianyang Clinic 021-6856-1040

  • Jinqiao Clinic 021-5030-7858


New York Dental

Brief introduction: 

  • the founding dentists are two distinguished and respectable dental professionals. Both are graduated from NYU college of Dentistry and hold the dental specialities qualifications in the US. 

  • The Clinic follows American standard of sterilization to ensure patients confidence in cleanliness and safety. In addition, the clinic is equipped with digital radiography and photography with high resolution. 

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Location & Service hotline:

  • Puxi 129 Fugui Dong road, changning district, Shanghai 

  • Pudong: 228 hongfeng road, pudong district, Shanghai 

  • hotline: +86 21 6278 1181 


Pure Smile Shanghai Dental Clinic

Brief introduction: 

  • The chief orthodontist and dentist are both US trained doctors. They bring the most current and sophisticated techniques and procedures available in the world. 

  • For those who do not have dental insurance, they also have locally trained dentists and orthodontist who can help. 

  • They also have an all native-english speaking customer service team to provide excellent service to you and your family. 

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Location & Service hotline:

Have you been visited a dentist recently? 

Or is there a dental clinic you would like to  recommend to other expats in Shanghai?

Please feel free to share it in the comment, thank you! :) 



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COVID-19 Update Oct 12th

1. Shanghai: 

+5 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+21 imported COVID-19 cases

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