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Spill the Beans: Rachel Gouk on Her Favorite Shanghai F&B Spots

Shanghai can be a gourmet delight or culinary disaster, depending on where you decide to eat. So we reached out to a few Shanghai F&B folks who really have a handle on the scene to Spill the Beans on their favorite spots, from hole-in-the-wall local eats to high-end venues, from late night drunk grub to date night treat yo self splurges.

Image courtesy of Rachel Gouk

Name: Rachel Gouk

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Occupation: Blogger, F&B Consultant

Where does your love for food stem from? 

I do love to eat. But I also love to cook! My joy of feeding people preceded my writing about food C Id say the interest in food and learning more about it came from that. Then, like all good things, you get addicted. 

Whats your favorite restaurant in Shanghai that serves Malaysia food?

I wouldnt say its my favorite C if I miss food from Malaysia, Id opt to cook it myself, because there arent very stellar Malaysian restaurants in Shanghai C but I would recommend BoiBoi. The bak chor mee is really good and the nasi lemak is decent. 

Favorite local eats spot? 

If Im feeling real crap Id opt for the sesame noodles at Wei Xiang Zhai, but Id go during off-peak times. Otherwise, it would be take out from either Old Jesse (Scallion Fish Head) or the Hong Shao Rou from Rui Fu Yuan

Whats your favorite high-end restaurant?

Taian Table. I love that I get to see the kitchen and talk to the chefs. The food is excellent C the restaurant is highly lauded and well respected in Shanghai. 

Go-to date night spot? 

Restaurants that do steak, and do steak well. RAW or Wolfgangs if Im feeling fancy. I still havent been to Stone Sal, but I hear they do good steaks. Its on my list. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

If you had to pick one restaurant in Shanghai that you couldnt live without, which would it be? 

Co. Cheese. I love Greg. No further explanation needed.

Are there any restaurants that closed that you really miss? 

Hakkasan, but thats coming back. 

What gaps do you see in the Shanghai dining scene that you would like to see filled? 

Personally, I would love a proper Indian restaurant that does actual banana leaf rice and all the trimmings. Would it be fit for the market? Probably not. 

What is your favorite dish in Shanghai? 

Long Short Rib at Mr & Mrs Bund.

What advice would you give to budding foodies in Shanghai? 

Find a way to grow a second stomach and eat more. 

For more Rachek Gouk foodie adventures, follow her on Instagram @nomfluence

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