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She drinks toilet water everyday to show her confidence in...


By gulping down a cup of water from a squat toilet, a female cleaner in East China's Shandong Province demonstrated extreme confidence in her work; however, the risky exhibition rightfully sparked concerns for her health on the internet. 

In a viral video, the cleaner presents a cup of toilet water in front of a group of people before drinking it all. 

The video quickly sparked controversy online with many web users criticizing her behavior as unnecessary. "Isn't it too weird to prove how she does a good job this way?" a netizen commented. 

The video was filmed recently in a feed products company in Shandong and might have been uploaded onto the internet by a client of the company, Southwest China's Chengdu-based new media platform Red Star News reported on Tuesday. 

The cleaner in the video, surnamed Luo, is a role model for the employees. What she did was not a requirement of her company, but her own voluntary decision. The purpose of her actions was to prove to clients her attention to detail, hoping that all employees of her company could do their best in whatever their role may be. An employee replied to the Red Star News saying that, "it is normal that people have different ideas to some people, the squat toilet is a container for human waste, but it would be more acceptable if you regard it as a container for water." 

An employee from the company confirmed with the media that the water quality does actually meet the standards required for drinking water. 

However, the company's remarks of approval did not sit well with many web users. "Everyone has dignity. How can a company require an employee to drink from a toilet? Even if the water quality is safe to drink, it is still toilet water, and it is insulting!" a web user criticized.

Source: globaltimes

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