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PET | Curly C A Tiny, Brave Mom of Seven Kittens

"Every day more are rescued, more are abandoned."

                                          from a lover

AnyShanghai is launching a new section for posting information of pets that need adoption/rescue/missing.

Below are some furry friends that urgently need a home!

Contact us if you have info needs spreading :)

Curly C A Tiny, Brave Mom of Seven Kittens. 

When my husband and I moved to our apartment, we noticed a small white cat living in a garden in front of our building. This little cat weighed around 2 kg, with white fur and a distinctive curl to her ears. We decided to name her Curly. We were surprised to see her with kittens. We attempted to rescue Curly and her kittens, but they were quick to hide and avoided humans. Each month, Curly looked more and more exhausted from raising multiple batches of kittens. After a year, Curly became accustomed to us, and we decided to rescue her. 

In July we set a plan to rescue Curly. However, Curly disappeared for a few weeks, and when she reappeared, we could not believe our eyes. Curly had seven kittens! The kittens appeared healthy, but two were much smaller than the others. We believe that the two tiniest kittens belonged to Curly and that she was raising the other five. These five kittens were comfortable around humans, and we think that they may have lived around humans. We don't know their whole story. Certainly, they were too young to survive on their own. Our brave and underweight Curly saved their lives by caring for all of them. 

After consulting experienced rescuers in Shanghai, I decided to immediately rescue Curly and the kittens. No mother should be left alone to care for seven children! The last thing we wanted to see were the kittens not surviving due to malnutrition, dehydration, motor accidents, or animals.  

On the day of the rescue, a friend and I set out to capture Curly and her kittens. For the first time, Curly allowed me to come close to her family. Perhaps she knew she couldn't take care of all seven kittens and understood we were there to help. It was not easy to rescue, but we managed to catch all the kittens on the first attempt and take them to the vet. Curly was more challenging to catch. I captured her two days later, with help from the Shanghai rescuers community.

The vet recommended that Curly be spayed shortly after her vet visit in case she was pregnant again. Curly is fully recovered and is now looking for a very experienced and patient foster or adopter. We learned her unique curled ears were the result of frostbite. She has sparkling green eyes, and we cannot wait to see her begin to enjoy her new life. She is a tiny cat with a big heart.

When the kittens were rescued, they were healthy, but full of fleas and underweight (between 267 C 334 g).  The visit to the vet confirmed that most of them would not have survived without human help.  After receiving their first vet check-up and de-fleaing the kittens were boarded. A friend offered to foster them, and she did a fantastic job. Anyone who cares for kittens knows that caring for a bunch of four-week-old kittens is a roller coaster ride.

Fast forward to September; the kittens are ready for adoption now. You can visit them and pre-book your favorite kitten(s)! There are two grey tabby boys, one grey tabby girl, one beige tabby girl, one black boy, one black girl, and a white boy. With every day passing, they're getting stronger, and their unique characters are showing. 

Contact us to foster or adopt the kittens and their brave mom, Curly. 

Email: [email protected]  

Wechat: beatadziedzic

If you cannot adopt them but still would like to help, please share our story of Curly and her family in your circles.

We also accept donations to cover the vet bills (we'll provide the receipts).  

Follow the kittens on

WeChat Channels: Fuzzy kitten therapy;

Instagram: adoptakittenshanghai  

It takes a village to save a kitten. A big thank you to the vets and nurses at Vet Anan, Dr. Petz, Aibi, Phyllis, and AVC. Thank you to the rescuers and friends who offered help and advice. Thank you to the incredible fosters as well as current volunteers who are helping to support the kittens. All these people are there to make their world a better place.

Any life deserves LOVE 

If you have other questions about living in China, feel free to reach AnyHelper real-time Q&A system via AnyHelper WeChat menu (Scan code below), our lovely volunteers are online from 9am-9pm everyday to help you!

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