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Learn These Interesting Chinese Tongue Twisters

Welcome back to CLI's tongue twister (, rokulng) series! 

Can you pronounce this tricky Chinese tongue twister?

Sn shn chng s shu

S shu ro sn shn

Sn shn s shu chn chng zi

S shu sn shn s sh chn

So, what's this tongue twister about? Try to guess the meaning, then scroll down to see our English explanation. 

  • (sn shn; three mountains) (chng, support)  (s shu, four rivers)

  • (s shu, four rivers) (ro, twine around) (sn shn, three mountains) 

  • (sn shn, three mountains),  (s shu, four rivers)  chn chng zi  (found in spring)

  • (s shu, four rivers)  (sn shn, three mountains)   (s sh chn, four seasons are always like spring) 

Now sit back and watch as CLI's Zicong quizzes Guilin locals on this hilarious tongue twister

Is your pronunciation better than a native speaker's? Send a video of you reciting the tongue twister above to "StudyCLI" for a chance to win two free online class hours!  In the meantime, perfect your pronunciation by enrolling in CLI's custom Chinese lessons. 

Oh, and don't forget... 

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~ The CLI Team 

The above contents are provided by studycli.

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