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Last Call for German Beer, Food & Vibes at Zapflers Oktoberfest

On October 2, Zapfler kicked off their month long Oktoberfest event with a traditional German party that was a unforgettable, to say the least. Featuring a live band, strangers became friends, dancing and limbo-ing the night away. That monumental night, numerous new winners placed in the Top Eight Winners Club of the daily Zapfler beer challenge, affording them a free beer each day for the next month. 

The party isnt over yet! With one more week to go in Oktoberfest, Zapfler will be continuing the fun with loads more prizes, not to mention buy-one-get-one free one-liter steins of Helles beer for RMB88 every Sunday to Thursday between 4-7pm. Take that down with delicious Oktoberfest snacks and party sets to share with friends and family.

Dont miss the next Oktoberfest event, the Ultimate Beer Challenge, scheduled this Friday and Saturday (Oct 23-24). Drink down a 330ml glass as fast as possible through a glasses-shaped crazy straw and you could be the next Beer Challenge champion. Try your luck next at the traditional Oktoberfest Hammer Game for a chance to win even more prizes. The fun kicks off each day at 8pm, so arrive on time to get in on all the competitive action. 

Oktoberfest at Zapfler runs through October 25, so swing by any time to satisfy that fall seasonal craving. 

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[All images courtesy of Zapfler]

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