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Is the Most Common Degree Word in Chinese?

Is "hn" the most common degree word in Chinese?


I guess you only use "" and "" as "very" in your Chinese expression. But do you think the native speakers will only be using two words for "very"??

Of course not!

They have more "fancy" options to replace "hn". I guess that also has been bothering you for a long time. What earth are the words that quickly glide through native speakers' mouth?

In this post, I will introduce you the degree words commonly used by native speakers but you will hardly find in the textbook. You can try to apply these words to give your speaking that local flavour

  I'll introduce one by one here:

1) ho+adj. / mental verb. (xhun etc.)

This structure is often used for exclamations such as "how!", "so!".  

T de zhngwn ho lhai a

How amazing is his Chinese!

  • !

W ho xhun n de zh jin chnshn

I really like your shirt

  • !

Ho li a!

So tired!

2) cho+adj. / mental verb.

cho means "super". Its also a degree word that young Chinese people now use a lot.

W q guo nl, cho hown

I've been there. It's super fun!

  • !

Zujn cho lixng zh ge

This gets super popular recently!

3) mn+adj./ mental verb

The "mn" is the same as "tng", meaning "quite +adj.", but its used more in Shanghai or other southern parts of China. 

Zhge jinbing mn hoch de.

This pancake is quite tasty.

W mn xhun n ge dinyng de.

I quite like that movie.

You got it? Start to use these degree words to enrich your expressions from today!

That's all for today. See you next time! 

The above contents are provided by silk mandarin.

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