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How Can Cooking Chinese Food Help With Your "b" Structure?

Many intermediate Chinese learners believe the "ba" structure is one of the biggest headaches with correct grammar use in their Chinese textbook.

But first, you definitely should feel proud of yourself when you see this grammar appear in your textbook, because "b" isn't simply an independent piece of grammar, it indicates you've laid a solid foundation of Chinese grammar system and are officially achieving an intermediate level.



When you start to learn the "b", the teacher emphasizes to you that it's a special and difficult structure and you need to pay close attention. Then you will be faced with a lot of grammar drills and exercises to make sure that your word order with "b" won't be messed up.


But after all these, are you doing well with the "b" structure?


I have many "laowai" friends, to be honest, I can hardly hear the perfect "b" application. Take a look at this example that they often say:


Fng zhge bizi zi zhli.


This is supposed to mean

Put this mug here.

But it obviously is a translation from English into Chinese still holding the English grammar structure.


So how can we understand the "b" structure without translating English

Follow the Slow Motion Technique!


Understand the "b" as "take, grab".

Then play the scenarios in your mind like a movie in Slow Motion.

First, you take this mug- " b bizi"

Then, you put the mug here-" fang zi zhli"


You see? In this way, you just got the perfect native sentence:

B zhge bizi fng zi zhli.


If you're still confused with the structure, read the articles below to understand "b" better by using Slow Motion Technique:

Now probably you can understand the grammar of the "b" structure, but are you applying "b", one of the most frequent structures in Chinese grammar, in your daily lifeAre you clear when to use the "b" in your Chinese expression? 


That is the problem I want to tackle in the article!

Textbooks say, "a b sentence can be used to indicate a certain action done on a definite person or thing, changing the location or bringing a result to the person or thing."


Well, even when you are not lost right now, it surely won't help you a lot in applying the "b" structure. So let me show you a case where you can maximumly use "b". I'm sure you will apply it more easily after you finish this article.


Believe it or not, introducing a recipe is a perfect way to help you understand "b" and therefore boost your application.


Yes! Cooking can help to apply the "b" structure

So what are we going to cook today?


A popular home-style Chinese dish - Chinese Stir-Fried Tomatoes and Eggs, Xhngsh cho jdn


All the pictures below are the instructions of the corresponding "b" structures.

You can see "b" is used for most of the actions dealing with the cooking ingredients (including cutting, moving and changing, etc.) Don't forget to think in a slow-motion way to make the "b" structure order make sense to you!

Let's get started!

Take the eggs and break (them) in a bowl.

B jdn d zi wn l

Take 1 teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sesame oil and a teaspoon of rice wine or sherry and put them in the bowl. 

B y sho yny sho zhma h y sho lioji fng jnqu

Mix them.


Core the tomatoes.

B xhngsh xn q dio

Take the tomatoes and cut them into 1/2-inch wide wedges.

B xhngsh qi chng bn yngcn kun de kuir 

Take 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and pour it into the frying pan.


B sn sho yu do r gu li

Take the pan and heat it over high heat.


B gu ji rgown dhu



When the oil shimmers, take most of the scallions and put into the pan, saving some to garnish.

Yu r yhub d bfen cng fngr gu lLi y bfen cng

Cook, stirring, until very aromatic, about 20 seconds.


Cho dgi rsh miozhdo yu xingwi

Take the eggs and add into the pan and cook, stirring well, until just set but still runny, about 45 seconds. Take the egg and pour them back into the mixing bowl. Take the pan and wipe it out.


B jdn ji jnqu chozhdo gngho nnggdgi sshw mioB jdn do hu wn lB gu c gnjng


Reheat the pan over high heat with a tablespoon of oil. When it is hot, take the ginger and add it. Cook until aromatic, about 15 seconds. Take the tomatoes and put them in. Take salt and put it in. Cook, stirring occasionally, 2-3 minutes.


Chngxng b gu jir (gowndhu)B y sho yu do jn gu lB jing ji jnqcho dgi shw miozhdo yu xingwiB xhngsh fang jnqB yn fang jnqCho yxidgi ling-sn fnzhng

Reduce the heat to medium.

B hu gun xio do zhnghu

Take the egg and stir the eggs in the bowl to cut up the curds a bit, then take them and return them to the pan. Cook, stirring, for a few seconds.

B jdn zi wan li jio surnhu b jdn fng hu gu li cho jmio



Take the salt and sugar and put them in. Adjust seasoning.

B yn h tng fng jnquTiowi


Take the reserved scallions and top with them.

B shngxi de cng fng zi shngmian


See? I used 20 "" sentences to explain how to deal with the food material in cooking. That's how you can understand a "b" sentence and how it can be used to indicate "a certain action done on a definite thing".

So, now you know how can you force yourself to use the "b"

Practice like this: When you cook, SPEAK every step in Chinese OUT ALOUD!

That's all for today. See you next time!

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