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Durex Got Fined 810,000 yuan for Sexually Suggestive Ads

The Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation fined Durex, a well-known condom brand 810,000 yuan ($120,509) in December (the company running its official microblog), over a risque advertisement on its microblog. But the issue became public knowledge on social networking sites only on Thursday. Many users defended Durex, saying that a condom producer has the license to sex up its advertisements, putting it at the center of online discussions.

The administration's order shows that the advertisement company was penalized not for mentioning "sex" but for breaking some social norms while collaborating with fast food delivery brand ele.me, milk tea brand Heytea and sales platform Taopiaopiao on April 19, 2019. The idea was to market the date, 4.19 or "four one nine", as "for one night", thus encouraging people to have a one-night stand.

Advertising with the milk tea brand, it lured customers saying, "Not a single drop left", but it was obvious it was hinting at a man's semen. The poster with Taopiaopiao screamed, "Tonight just go into that secret corner", giving no prizes for guessing what was implied.

The administration's order clearly listed the procedure for paying the fine, while also saying the company could apply for a hearing if it disagreed with the decision.

Source: China Daily

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