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Chinese parents as home decorators? Look at these home designs!


Nowadays, many young people are very busy with their work, and it takes a lot of time to decorate their new houses, so many of them ask their parents for help.

But when you let your parents take over, you will either laugh or cry with the unexpected outcome!

That said, the GiCexpat Team has collected some PRETTY WEIRD designs that many internet users have been sharing around online, and oh boy are they good.

Youre bound to think: What on earth were they thinking??

Lets start with an air conditioning unit inside a closet. Since an AC unit is not the most aesthetically pleasing sight in a room, its actually pretty logical to keep your AC unit when youre not using it. 

Just like in the public?

At first sight, nothing looks too suspicious.

Until Surprise!

My mother-in-law bought a lot of covers for the house. 

One for our TV:

For our remote controls

Our computer

And the washing machine!

This ceiling light fixture celebrates love in an interesting way:

Every time you turn it on, its color changes:

This stainless steel furniture set doesnt make you want to come home in the winter

Or ever!

For those who feel like royalty and also want to breathe in sickening smells while brushing their teeth every day.

Couples feeling REAL confident and transparent about their toilet business will love this one.

Power outlet in a sink what could possibly go wrong?

A shy power outlet.

Whoever designed this needs to be fired.

Have you guys come across any weird designs while visiting your friends house

Which of the above-shown photos did you find the most hilarious?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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