2020-10-17 10:35


Chinese Grandma Strives to Learn English, Shocks Everyone

Source: Asia One

A Chinese grandma has received praise online after a foreigner in Chinese Taiwan captured her photo while she was studying English on the MRT.

You are never too old to learn a new language, the Reddit user said about her.

Taken from a towering angle, the photo shows the elder carefully looking over her notes which include short English sentences with their Mandarin counterparts.

The grandma appeared completely immersed in her studying as she cupped one hand over her mask-covered face.

The photo, which was posted on Reddit, quickly became a hit among foreigners as one shared their mothers endeavors of learning Chinese and Japanese through language-learning apps.

Social media users also commented that the photo reminded them of their childhood when they would hold English lessons for their grandparents.

Another foreigner also poked fun at the sentences the grandma was studying, which included The police are chasing the gunman, saying with a smile that this must be American English.

Words such as chicken, carton, starving and lamb were also seen on the notes, which seemed to indicate the hard-working student was in the eating-related context of her lesson.

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