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Breathtaking Places You Should Go Explore in China in November!


Hey dear readers, November is just around the corner. 

Do you see or feel the beauty and cool of autumn where you live?

 Southern China is still hot and trees are still green, while Northern of China is already cool.

November is actually a good time to travel.

Its the traditional off-peak season for tourism.

Famous scenic areas are quiet(er). Tickets are cheaper.

The GiCexpat team is here to recommend several destinations around China you can book and go explore now!


Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Xishuangbanna is a warm place, where there are no four seasons, but only a dry season and rainy season.

Theres a saying that goes "a long summer without winter, a rain into autumn".

If you visit this place in November or December, the weather is still quite dry and warm. It's perfect to avoid the wet and hot rainy seasons. 

Daytime temperature is on average 23 -25 .


Guilin, Guangxi

Many foreigners love to visit Guilin.

Guilin is a mountainous and hilly place; a typical karst landform.

The limestone throughout the city, after hundreds of millions of years of weathering and erosion, has formed a thousand peaks.

The city is surrounded by water, and the unique landscape of caves and rocks is stunningly mesmerizing.

Guilin also has an ocean township.

Xiaopingle , 18 kilometers from the ocean township, is a small village surrounded by mountains.

The gingko here is old and big.

Root deep branch thick, leaf exuberant,

It's very beautiful.


The Three Gorges of Yangtze River

Red leaves have always been the famous winter scenery of the three gorges of the Yangtze River.

Located in the heart of the three gorges, Wushan is also the place with the reddest leaves in the three gorges area.

Best viewing time:

Between mid-to-late November and mid-to-late December.


Tianping mountain, Suzhou 

Suzhou Tianping mountain is famous for its strange stones, red maple leaves, and clear spring.

Photo credit: @

Best viewing placeWangfengtai

The change of colors of the maple leaves usually starts from the top and changes from top to bottom.

The distant view is like light red clouds floating on the mountain, its spectacular.

In addition, from the Jiuqu bridge  across a lake to see the opposite mountain layer of red, theres a sense of quiet and peace, undisturbed by other tourists.



Autumn, no matter which corner of Wuyuan you find yourself in, will bring different kinds of peaceful experiences. 

Wash away your irritable and depressed mood, and let yourself feel relaxed and happy.

Best viewing periodMid-October to early December


Miaro, sichuan

The largest red-leaf landscape area in China is located in Abali county, Sichuan province.

Best viewing periodFrom mid-October to early November every year.


The Tengger desert

Photo credit: [email protected]

Autumn is slightly cold, moderate temperature, and winter is cold.

Among the many original ecological lakes in the Tengger desert, there's the moon lake, swan lake, and sun lake.

The moon lake is an ecological lake with a history of 60 million years.

The moon lake is the only natural lake with a coastline in the Tengger desert.

So it's half freshwater and half saltwater.


Sanya, Hainan

Sanya can be said to be a good choice for winter in China to avoid cold.

Sanya, in November, has both avoided holiday crowds and added a demure beauty.

In November, this super off-peak season for travel should definitely not be wasted.

Have you decided where to go on your next trip?

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