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A Sentence Pattern Which Makes You Sound Like A Native Speaker

  le ma, n?       N le ma?


Shu, yu ma?      Yu shu ma?


Do you have water?

Ch le ma, n?     N ch le ma?


In the three pairs of sentences, which side's sentences are right? The left side one or the right side one?

They are both right. The sentences on the right side are the normal patterns we've already learned. The sentences on the left side sound very unnatural, but in Chinese, it's sometimes the most natural-sounding way to express an idea in casual conversation, so you should definitely get used to using it.

Element Be Emphasized+ Other Left Elements in Normal Order

In this sentence pattern, you put the element which you want to emphasize at the beginning of the sentence, and then follow with other elements in normal order.  In this way you can catch the attention of the listeners' so they can  get the point you want to express immediately once they hear the sentence. Because we want to catch the listeners' attention when we use this sentence pattern, it's often used in questions or exclamatory sentences.


R ma? Qn'i de.

Do you feel hot? Honey.

Ho r ! Jntin.

It's so hot today!

Pioliang ma? T.

Is she beautiful?

dizi-(plastic) bag

In supermarket, the cashier will often ask you a question that is:

Dizi yo ma?

Do you need a plastic bag?

The normal order is :

N yo dizi ma?

They put "bag" at the beginning, so you can catch the essential part of the sentence quickly.

Jish le ma? Huy.

Has the meeting finished?


Translate these sentences in the given pattern.

-Do you have cold beer?

-Are you busy right now?

-Do you understand?

The above contents are provided by silk mandarin.

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