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A Secret Gaming Party Only on the First Saturday of the Month

The Retro LAN Party is back!!!

Over the past few months a faithful community has been growing, for those in the know there is only one place to be on the first Saturday of the month.  Fans of classic gaming both young and old gather to socialize and play large group games of the titles that made them fall in love with networked gaming.  The venue is Agora Space, a hidden gem in the co-working and co-living ecosphere of Shanghai. For those in the know it is the best place to host tech events in a comfortable setting, espousing sustainable living and cooperative ideation.  

This time of the month it is transformed into an environment for feverish gaming of the kind which was very popular in the early noughties. Genre defining games like CS 1.6, QUAKE III ARENA, Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Age of Empires, Minecraft, Call of Duty, PES, Tekken are firm favourites.  Retro gaming denizens compete against each other for hours on end while the younger generation watches on as the older generation rolls back the years.  It is a wonderful occasion for young and old to share in a part of the gaming culture that has become less common.  Revelers decide on a schedule and teams to guard against the inevitable skills mismatch, this is a social encounter which guards against the hypercompetitive environment of competitive gaming.  Geared more at making friends and introducing some to the simple pleasure beyond superfast screen refresh rates.

There is always ample refreshment provided by Highlite and the bunker kitchen provides free-flow pizza for most of the day.  A crowd favourite being the Roquefort and Camembert pizza that our personal pizza master makes by hand in the Agora Space kitchen.  This monthly event has formed a regular following and is a must not miss event on the Shanghai social calendar for young and old. It brings people together around the values of community and fun. This event is hosted in partnership with All you can cook, Highlite, The Clan, Random Encounters Shanghai, The Mutant Club and AnyShanghai.  

The next one is scheduled for 7th November and tickets are available online, this iteration will include more than the standard trick or treats.  Laptops are available for hire but numbers are limited. Book and arrive early to save yourself the best for a gaming marathon.  

Book now!!!


COVID-19 Update Oct 26th

1. Shanghai: 

+11 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+20 COVID-19 cases, include:

+20 imported COVID-19 cases

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