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3 Days Only! FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show 2020 in Pudong


Visit 50 popular Cafs, tune into four international coffee competitions, and hear over 30 sessions of sharing by industry experts C all for free at the upcoming FHC!

Large Collection of International Cuisine

Try 50 of the Worlds Famous Coffee for Free!


While traveling abroad is currently on-hold in 2020, visit the 24th FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show, which kicked off in Pudong in mid-November (November 10 - November 12) to get your international food cravings satisfied!

There are seven exhibition areas in total, with foods ranging from meat products, seafood, dairy products, oil products to baking, coffee, chocolate, and more.

The spacious venue spanning thousands of square meters is a one-stop place to try out the worlds best foods!

This is a great place to network for those who intend to venture into the industry and open their own business.

Get up close with dining brands, and learn about the latest updates and first-hand information, which is definitely more credible than the information you can find online.

Another news you should know is that the 2020 FHC Shanghai International Coffee and Food Culture Festival will also be opened simultaneously at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Enter for free, and over the 3-day event, try out drinks from 50 boutique coffee shops around the world and get your caffeine fix here!

We have also got the news that at the 2020 FHC Shanghai International Coffee Festival, there will be two World Barista Champions setting up their stores. They are Uncle G coffee by the 2020 World Barista Competition, China, finals champion Zhu Jingui, 

and the 2019 World Barista Competition, China, Champion Sun Leis team who founded Horizon Coffee.

Apart from these champions, try out the other 50 strong contenders, like the Little Black Sheep, a classic brand known for their Blacksheep Espresso;

or visit Chembox, which brought to the country the first Loring S7 machine;

or SINGLE ORIGIN ROASTERS, known for freshly grinding and roasting all their beans;

and the well-loved TRUNKCOFFEE from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture in Central Japan.

Besides coffee, you will find that there are also tea shops, bakeries, pizzerias, and dessert shops in the on-site area. It is a big victory for food lovers!



International Food Battle

Witnessed by the Industrys Top Experts


To provide a more immersive event experience, FHC has gathered hundreds of outstanding chefs, who will participate in the seven international cooking and baking competitions and live shows hosted here!

The dishes are cooked by professional chefs and tick both taste and appearance off from the good criteria checklist.

Desserts here look like artistic masterpieces that are incredibly divine.

Moreover, four international coffee competitions that will be held here.

Baristas are gathered, and amongst the new generation, a new winner will emerge.

30+Sessions of Experts sharing their Food Industry Secrets

Tune into a Major Wine and Spirits Industry Conference 


After you are satiated, listen to a professional food industry talk where experts share their views on adapting to the current market demand. FHC has arranged the sessions in four main product themes: meat and seafood, dairy products, olive oil, and snack foods.

Tune into a sharing by senior industry insiders and institutional experts across these three days. They cover market trends, managing the "revenge consumption" phenomena in the food industry through multiple channels, and more in different formats. This is the forum that all industry professionals should attend.

At the FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show site, the International Wine and Spirits Trade Fair (ProWine China) will also be held concurrently.

The exhibition will host a series of forum activities. It will launch several masterclasses such as "German Wine Master Class," "Australian Wine Master Class," "California Wine Master Class," and "Portuguese Wine Master Class."

Discover different champagne styles, understand different types of sake, learn more about the developments of organic wines, Italian Tannins, and more. If youre a wine lover, this is the place to be.

RegistrationClick Read More link below to get a free E-ticket of 2020 FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show.

2020 FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show

Time: November 10-12, 2020

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District)

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